18 June 2019

Sharing 3 Ideas for June

I blog less these days, but do so for those that prefer this platform to others.
Thank you for reading.

Here are my three things for June.


The first photo is the front porch. My spouse loves to sit out here and sip his coffee or tea in the mornings and evenings. I think spray paint is the easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to freshen outdoor furniture. I cleaned, repaired, and then spray painted the wicker a pretty french gray. It's not called that, it is just a basic gray, and it took two cans per chair.
I also spray painted the table a sunny yellow.
Also, our pug detached an arm, but I was able to repair it using an electrical type wire approximately the width of the wicker by weaving, and once painted, one would never know!  Don't you just love the hardware store!


Kale Salad

This is fresh, but it can be lightly sauted in a little bit of olive oil before and then chilled.
Wash it really well, by first letting it soak a bit before spraying in a colander.
A lot of dirt sinks to the bottom sometimes.
I also prefer the organic version.

I just push the leaves off by sliding my hand down, and that removes the stems.
I add a tablespoon of olive oil and some lemon juice or orange juice about quarter of a cup and a teaspoon of brown sugar and toss it all.
I add fresh sliced strawberries for color.
I also add chopped walnuts or pecans.
When I serve it, I sprinkled it with a little more brown sugar.

Sometimes I just put the kale on the plate with dressing only, and then add the strawberries, nuts, and brown sugar.

That's it.

You can't eat kale if you take blood thinners.
You also can't eat kale if you are allergic or sensitive to cruciferous vegetables.
There is also a lot of fear out about eating fresh kale, but the Mayo explains.

I think this is easy recipe if you want to try it or get more greens. It is not the easiest thing to get accustomed to eating, but the tiny bit of brown sugar masks the bitterness.


Just a pretty bouquet from the garden made from what is available.

This one is made with some roses, wildflowers, herb flowers, and some blossoms from the bush in the foreground.  Just mix. Mix anything and it will look pretty!
Everyone can do it! Nature makes it pretty.

Enjoy the summer!
You can always find me on Instagram.
I make some short videos of the garden. Maybe I will even talk someday. ha! Big maybe.




  1. I love the way you decorated your porch with such pretty colors of the furniture. All the colors blend in so nice and I can see why your spouse loves sitting out there in the morning and evening. I love summer salads and the flowers are gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, Julie. Summer salads make it easy. xoox Su

  2. I like your front porch and I agree that spray paint, and a hardware store, can fix a lot of ills!

  3. I love your porch! I'd want to sit out there all the time too!

    1. Awww... Thank you so much, Laura. Have a wonderful week! xoxo Su

  4. I always look forward to you posts and enjoy them so much. I know that they are a lot of work...I don't post as much now either...but it is still fun. I love the front porch and the painted chairs, you have inspired me to maybe do the same with mine, they could use some freshening up.

    Take care.

    1. Thank you so much, you leave the sweetest, kindest comments. I think you love it. I buy a plastic tarp, but canvas is fine too. I find a spot away from things and start. I also love to get one of those handles that fits over the nozzle. It makes it so easy to spray continuously. If you buy a name brand those nozzles fit them the best, but will still work on contractor's spray paint. xoxo Su

    2. I meant that I think you will love the results of your spray painted furniture. xoxo Su

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  6. Your front porch looks very pretty

  7. Hi Su,
    I love your sweet and pretty front porch. Love those chairs. That salad looks pretty yummy too.
    Happy Wednesday. Have a wonderful week.

  8. I am always pleased to see a new post on your blog. I hardly ever look at IG. I have said this before.. but it is interesting how we have so many similarities in our decor choices. I just yesterday painted my front porch wicker furniture gray. The white just gets too dirty. Then I ordered a couple pink pillows on Amazon after changing out the yellow pillows that match that sweet table you have.

    Kale is something I consume almost every day. I go through pounds of it each week myself, used mostly in my smoothies. It is SO good for you and I think it is delish. Or course, your pictures can make anyone drool for Kale, they are so lovely.

    Did I miss a post on that amazing flooring on your deck? Is that stenciled? It is lovely. Your porch is so cozy and beautiful. Love your style and you always post magazine worthy photos that never cease to inspire.

    Enjoy these last beautiful Spring days.

    1. That is so funny about the color scheme we are twinning! I probably looked at the same pink pillows! I ended up finding these at Target. The chairs were an antique brown, looked Ralph Lauren, but the pug knawed them so much that they were getting beyond distressed. Almost looking toss worthy, but had not received my investment yet. So I came up with a way to repair them with wire. I wanted white, but for the same reason, I didn't. I would have red dirt all over them, so gray doesn't show that, neither does a pink house.

      I never did show the porch. These are outdoor grade porcelain tile. Quite a job to make it look random, because they are also not the same size! The boxes did not come random. Usually two main ones and then a few different ones. We had to buy a couple of extra boxes and sort them. Lay them out ahead of time. Remove in order to put back on when grouting. I mean you do that anyway, but we had to be extra careful or the row would get messed up by the size or next to one another. I like how they sort of look like the tile around here, but without the bright color, and of course the faded grays, and randomness look nice with this old house.

      Wow! That is neat that you eat Kale everyday! I think we are eating three or four times a week, now that I don't have lettuce.

      Thank you so much, Tonita. You are the sweetest. xoxo Su

  9. Hello,
    I do enjoy your posts on your blog and IG. I love your porch. I like the flooring on the porch.
    We are having thunderstorms today. I do hope to get out to the garden and pick some peony today in between rain showers.

    1. Thank you, Carla! Picking peonies sounds fun and I love a thunderstorm. Stay safe. xoxo Su

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