31 October 2017

Tuesday Snapshots: Kitchen's Painted Update

You may or not may recall that when my husband and I remodeled this kitchen, we left the wood natural. I liked it then, but I couldn't decide on a color.  That was over four years ago now, and the natural wood yellowed and it didn't work with the lighter gray or white depending on the light on the other side. It was bugging me. 

So after some trial and error, I decided on gray.
(I actually stained them first, but didn't like it!  Then I tried a white, and I didn't like that either!
In  the end, I sanded them all down, and painted them Annie Sloan French Linen, and waxed them with white and clear wax.)

I really like how the two shades of paint seem to compliment one another now.

This time of year, it is a little bit difficult to get a great shot.  This is an old desert house, so there are carport overhangs and porch overhangs on all but one side of the house.

Even my angel received a makeover with chalk paint. You can see it the old way in one of the photos; He had turned all one color... It was not old... I bought it new some years ago...

As you can see my garden is recovering from the summer heat and starting to produce again.

I am sorry, that I did not respond to all in the last post.  It appears my commenting has changed settings or something. I comment, and I can't see them or they are disappearing into the ether.
I think others have had this problem. If you know what I need to change in settings feel free to tell me.
Thank you for reading.
I love the paint that I used, and I was not compensated.  I just like the paint.

Have a fun filled holiday today.


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  1. Hi Su, You are right about trying to capture the right light to show your colors. IT's hard to see. I do think more and more kitchen are going with painted cabinets to lighten it up. I adore your little fridge. I like the would stain of the table with the painted chairs. Love the open shelves too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your kitchen is gorgeous! What a fun and pleasant place to cook:)

  3. It really looks nice. I think this color is so fresh and soft. Love your beautiful angel too. I should have learned to paint years ago! lol Hugs!

  4. Love your chairs! You have a wonderful kitchen!


  5. I have the same problem with the lighting in my house, Su. It's so hard to get accurate shot. Your kitchen is beautiful regardless. I bet you're so happy with the fresh look. Enjoy it!! And as far as the comments go, that happened to me a while back and then it seemed to work its way out. A glitch I guess...

  6. It looks great! And you have a Smeg! I'm so jealous.

  7. There are a few kitchens on the web that I can recognize right away. Yours is one of them. It just seems to get a little better each time you tweak it.

  8. Su- That looks fantastic. That is a GREAT old fridge. It is like the one I grew up with. You did a great job on those cabinets even if you did have to paint/finish them three times. They are perfect now!

    Happy Halloween night to you- xo Diana

  9. Perfection in this kitchen! I love it!

  10. I love your kitchen.
    :-) How fun to have your garden back.
    xx oo

  11. That was a lot of trial and error, but the end result is beautiful, as expected! Your kitchen is cozy perfection.


  12. Love love love the refrigerator. The whole room is divine. Sometimes it takes a few tries at something to get it the way we want it. I like the Annie Sloan paint with the waxing. Looks great.
    Happy November Su.

  13. I am glad that after so much work that you found a paint color to make you happy :)

  14. The color looks so great in your kitchen. Love your chairs.
    Hugs from here

  15. Everything looks great and so glad that you found a color that goes with the grey. Your kitchen looks terrific.

    Yes, we certainly did have a very HOT Summer and all of October. My garden really suffered, plus the gardener was terrible. used a hedge cutting on my roses. They are chewed up and I have lost some plus lost a lot of iris bulbs. So tomorrow it is bye bye. Found another one who hopefully will do a better job.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  16. I really like the look of your kitchen with the painted islands. The two greys complit each others nicely.

  17. Your kitchen looks gorgeous and Your chairs are awesome
    Hugs Alessandra

  18. Su, you won my giveaway for The Welcome Home Diner. Could you send me your address? Thanks so much!

  19. Your kitchen is a darling. I love your fridge. It's nice to freshen things up with paint.

    1. Thank you, Katie. It sure is nice to repaint... Makes a world of difference. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo Su

  20. What a charming kitchen. And the angel...oh how I adore that. I have a few angels in my kitchen. God knows I need them when I cook. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Tonita. I need them too. haha I use to have San Pasqual on a tile.. He cracked... ha ha... Patron santos of cooking... You have really cute dogs. I could not figure out how to comment on your blog. I finally solved what was wrong with mine this past week. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo Su

    2. I came back to this post to show a friend your beautiful kitchen. I do have a comment section but for some reason on that particular post you looked at you had to scroll WAY down to the bottom to the comment section. Not sure why?
      Anyway.. now i have to look into the San Pasqual saint. Any help i can get...LOL. Many blessings.


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