17 June 2017

Zuzu's Petals...

I know others wonder if their blogging has any meaning.
Well it does.

It is the friendships we make here.
Some touch our lives with beauty... words, stories, photos, friendship...


Lin was one of those people. I loved reading about her tiny cottage and her family. And I always looked forward to her posts. She shared so much beauty. 

Lin at A {tiny} Cottage in the Woods passed peacefully this June 14.  I read it on her Instagram, because she no longer had a blog.  I know a lot of you were friends with Lin, and you can leave a condolence there for her dear spouse and family.

She was a treasure: a beautiful woman, and it showed in everything she wrote and created.

Lin needle pointed this little rabbit, and I received it in a give away. She had a little Etsy shop called Zuzu's Garden. She told me it was named for Zuzu's petals from "It's a Wonderful Life". 

Dear Lin must love her wings. 
Thank you, Lin, for the beauty you gave us.

Here is her Instagram if you would like to leave condolences to her family.

Nancy's A Joyful Cottage re ran a story that Lin wrote about her tiny home for her Small Space Series.  here


  1. My heart weeps, I will miss my friend... Until we meet her again I will honor her memory every time I see and think about her art that added beauty to my days. I will treasure our private conversations on ideas for her tiny cottage decor and added designs. I will treasure sharing knitting together, and now she so loved our group who put on theatrical productions and her dream to join in was fulfilled when she created a couple of theatre's of her own and shared them in a holiday production with our friends.

    Your so right, and I am most certain she is enjoying her wings, especially designed and fitted with grace and beauty.
    Miss you already dearest Lin, till we meet again.


  2. I am very sorry for this loss. I did not know Lin, but I am certain that I missed out. You have a precious reminder of her in your little bunny and all the times you visited her wee cottage.

  3. Oh, Su, I am so sorry to hear this. I did follow Lin when she blogged. It's lovely that you have something to remember your special friendship by...hugs.

  4. Oh no - this was my reaction to your sad news. I read her blog but only occasionaly looked at Instagram. There was something special about her. I appreciate this post. So many gone - so many in distress. My heart weeps.

  5. Heartbreaking. I loved Lin. She was a gracious, kind woman -- woman of many virtues, all of which shone through her gentle art. I will miss my friend.

  6. Oh my! I hadn't seen her blog in some time. Cancer?

    1. Hi, Brenda. Yes. Cancer. She stopped blogging about a year ago, to spend more time with her family. She has an Instagram account. xoxo Su

  7. My sadness and tears are my words... Lin was a blogger/IG friend that connected with me when I was experiencing a life altering loss and through her gentleness and imaginative play we became co producers of make believe through self expression and dreams. I send a ⭐️ upwards to a friend who I loved but never met.

  8. Hi Su
    Beautiful post to a beautiful friend. I loved Lin's sweet soul and her love of life. Lin was a special blogging friend and will be missed.

  9. Friendship is a beautiful thing to share.
    And so sad to loose a friend.
    I'm sure her blog will be in memories and her kindness always in your heart.
    Bless her.

    Prays and hugs,

  10. Dear Su,
    Thank you for sharing. I did follow Lin during the time she blogged and on IG. She was inspiration. I loved her tiny theaters that she made.
    Thank you again for sharing.
    Love and Prayers,

  11. I am so very sad to read this. Lin was a beautiful soul, and the loveliness she shared through her blogging was a treasure for us all. She was one of those people whose brightness and gentleness truly reaches through the screen to touch your heart. How very sad her family must be.

    Hugs to you Su my friend, you are right, blogging can bring real value.

  12. I was saddened when I read the post on Instagram.

    This is the third time I have read of someone's passing on IG. It's not the best place to hear of it, but in these days of social media, I guess it's the best place for family to share the sad news.

  13. I didn't know Lin, but I read about her passing on Nancy's post. I'm so sorry for your loss. She sounded like a special lady and I wish I would have known her.


  14. A sweet post for a lovely lady.
    Hugs to you, Su.

  15. A lovely tribute and so very sorry. I was not familiar with her blog but I am familiar with A Joyful Cottage ( she did a post on my place at one time ) so I will follow that link first.

    Have a wonderful 4th of July and thank you for letting us know.

  16. A beautiful tribute, Su. The friendships we make in blog-land are indeed special the heart weeps at the loss of a cherished friend.

  17. What a sweet tribute, and I'm sad I didn't know her or her blog. You are such a lovely person, Su!

  18. This is such a sweet tribute to her. So sorry to hear of this. Thank you for letting us know. You're a very sweet person and friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Mary <3

  19. Tudo lindo! Adorei! Bom fim de semana!


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