01 February 2014

"Create" and a Blogger

The Word of the Week here was "create".

 C R E A T E

Today I would like to introduce Kim, a newer blogger, at  Exquisitely Unremarkable.

Look at at the garland she made with puzzle pieces that were just lying around in boxes!!!

I love the contrast of the red and pink against the white!

While you are visiting take a look at her adorable kitchen!  (More links are in her sidebar.)
If you want to pin, visit Kim's blog.

Thank you, Kim.

Each week I am featuring, with their permission, one or a few of my followers and blogger friends.
All of my followers are creative and whimsical, and I would love to feature all.


  1. I am beyond flattered~ thank you so much for sharing my garland! :) Happy February! Kim

  2. I am so behind in blog reading after our vacation and have not visited Kim's blog. Thanks for reminding me to visit.

    What a fun L O V E banner.

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. It is!

      It's good to think twice before tossing! I noticed that you are a great re-purposer. (It's not in the dictionary, yet.) XOXO

  4. Hey, great minds think alike. I just saw her comment on another blog and checked to see if she was newish (that Welcome Wagon mentality I've had now for over four years) and she was, so she went on my list!

  5. I would call the garland made of puzzle pieces REMARKABLE! :)

  6. What a nice kitchen and it was so creative to use puzzle pieces!

  7. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Heading over to her blog now! Have a great Sunday!

  8. What a cute idea and so clever to make the letters out of puzzle pieces. Too cute. I am heading over to her blog now. Thanks for sharing her blog with us.

  9. Such a fantastic idea for the garland! I'll check her blog out! xoxo Jen

  10. How sweet are her lovely Valentine's decorations! Love the garland!


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