27 January 2014

Word of the Week: Create

We had a busy weekend of arts: 
music and dance.

We also had a busy weekend in regards to technology.
My spouse discovered that if he started my old Mac Pro in "pram" it stopped acting strange. 

I also purchased an inexpensive Canon Zoom Lens 5x for 79 dollars; 
I decided not to wait until I can get what I want.

Last week, our Word of the Week was "whimsy".
What a lovely word to keep in mind all the time; I did not want to leave it behind.

From Merriam Webster Dictionary's this week our word is "create".



 verb \krē-ˈāt, ˈkrē-ˌ\
: to make or produce (something) : to cause (something new) to exist
: to cause (a particular situation) to exist
: to produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination

This week I'm going to explore  the word "create", and at the end of the week, I will feature some of my creative followers with their permission.

 Children just naturally create.  I found a heart hung in one of the wreaths.

I found cut up paper on the floor, beneath the blanket that my mom knitted many years ago.

Here is something that I drew, but because it was ephemeral, I finished.

 But if  the image is on canvas, it is uncompleted.  I have a number of these leaning against the wall uncompleted.  There is some magic and imagination to creating, but the soul is missing when I don't finish.

 This project was my daughter's idea, and we made it together.


  1. I just LOVE all of your creations Sue! Love! xoxo Jen

  2. Sweet! and that blanket your mom made is so impressive! What beautiful work - and I'm a knitter/crocheter/embroiderer/needlepointer so I know that was a ton of effort.


    1. Thank you, Anne. She does all the same crafts as you mentioned. I can't believe how even her work is.

  3. Creating is my favorite pastime these days.

    Have fun!

  4. You are creative indeed, Creation itself is miraculous. Lovely post.
    Pearl 13.1

  5. Your creations are all very uniquely you! That chalk drawing is such a beautiful example of inspiring artwork that was spontaneity turned into something beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Jennifer, for your encouraging words. XOXO

  6. Lovely post and as to your mom's blanket...just gorgeous ...I see where you get your talents and creativity from ! :)

  7. everythingyou created (and your mom's blanket too) is so unique and beautful. Truly a work of art

  8. Again, you chose a perfect word. It's going to be a fascinating week!

  9. I just started knitting and blogging has me so motivated to create all the time lately. I just love it, it feeds me! :)

    1. Thank you, Kim. It's so cool that blogging has awakened your creativity!


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