31 January 2014

Creating and Inertia

This week I read some articles on creativity at this helpful website

I tend to create simple projects, because the afternoons and evenings are busy 
with music or dance lessons.  I'm not that good of a cook, and
my spouse bakes the bread.  

"Create" was an interesting word choice.  It was not as fun or carefree as "whimsy", and in fact, it was too much pressure.  I did not complete anything this week!

Though I have yet to read the camera's manual, I snapped many photos;
It's only a 79 dollar digital camera, but it's an improvement.

The photos below are of my kitchen island.
Most of the dishes in the kitchen are everyday dishes except for the ones on the sink side.
It's not precious, it's just relaxed and fun.

It's only the basics, because the kitchen is 84 square feet.

The pans even fit under the island.
This kitchen was fun to "create".

With permission, I hope to share some other blogger's creations this weekend.
Thank you for visiting!  I appreciate it!


  1. Great! I like them a lot!

    Marina from Jerez

  2. Create is different than complete! :) Always love your kitchen and kitchens are for creating a fine mess and dirty dishes and such in between the lovely shots ....now you make me wish for home baked bread :)

  3. You have one of my all time favorite kitchens in the blogmosphere Susan - and YOU created it!!!!!!

  4. I am a lover of dried flowers. Your wreath is very beautiful.
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. Love the way you have your mixer and other items arranged on your island. And your wreath is very pretty. Thanks for your visit and enjoy your weekend.


  6. Sigh...your kitchen window! Love! xo Jen

    1. Thank you, Jen. I left three old windows on the house and that's one of them. Since it looks out on the sleeping porch that we repaired with the proper E glass on the doors that this should stay. When we are able to we will restore the two on the front. Sadly all the steal casement windows in the bedrooms, couldn't open anymore, so they had to be replaced.

  7. Your kitchen may be small, but it is beautiful. Great storage in the island!

  8. Everything looks just lovely! Thank you for your comments on my West Coast road trip post. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you. You will have a great time in Arizona! It should be sunny and just right for the next few months.

  9. Beautiful. You have a lovely kitchen! Happy weekend!

    Greetings from Finland,

    1. Thank you, My Flowering Life. I loved your photos of your dog. I am now a follower!

  10. That kitchen is such a dream! I never knew it was only 84 square feet, you have decorated it to make it look much bigger!


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