25 November 2013

Polish Paper Stars

We made paper stars, and we used this Polish star tutorial.

Hi! It's Sara! If you would like to do this project, read the list of products that you need below! 

List for Polish Star

Sequins(or beads)
Thin thread
A dime( or a quarter or a nickel depending on size)
Pen and Pencil

It's a little bit tricky to find the right consistency of paper. "The Goldilocks Test", as I like to call it, means the paper has to be somewhere in between regular paper and card stock. Construction paper works well.

Making points is pretty tricky. Depending on what glue you use, the points can get sticky goop on them, and that looks bad, but if you spray paint the star, it doesn't look that bad.

This is personally my favorite part. 
It is really fun to stack the stars, and pull the strings to make a star.
The spray paint takes a while to dry but the result is beautiful. We used a shiny paint, but you can use silver paper, or if you want to use spray paint, they sell matte and slightly shiny finishes.

The overall result is beautiful, and it is a really a fun project to do with friends and family over the holidays, also for entertaining purposes. ( It is pretty silly when the star is glued to your finger! That's the spirit!)

Thanks everybody! 



  1. I love it! Perfect idea for my girls! xo Jen

  2. These stars are gorgeous! I'd like to make a bunch and hang them from mobiles!

  3. Pretty! I love unusual Christmas crafts like this. :D My youngest would love some in her room for Christmas!



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