20 October 2013


I live in a place that is actually scenic.  But the truth is that until recently we have been too busy or it has been to hot to go anywhere.

Today I'm going to take you north about an hour and half from Phoenix or Scottsdale give or take a half hour depending on where you are in the area.  People that live in the west tend to say places are just down the road, and they measure distance by hours.

Today we are going to Sedona.  It is one of the most scenic spots in Arizona.  In fact it was crowded last weekend, because the Grand Canyon had been closed.  This is the hiking and outdoor tour.  Some other time, I will give the shops, galleries, and chapel tour.

Last weekend my husband took my daughter to Sedona for a hike with her friend and her friend's dad.  At about 4500 elevation it is much cooler than Phoenix.

Some of it may look familiar, because they use to film westerns here.

We usually stop here to take a photo.  
The cliffs are sandstone, and the iron in them gives them a red color.

They sell ristras or wreaths made of chili. 

They went hiking in this canyon to get to a vortex, and 
they took photos with the girls' hair standing up.
There are also ruins to see, but I prefer to get there by Pink Jeep Tour.

They also stopped at slide rock.   In the summer people come here to cool off.  This time of year the water is cold.  
We use to visit Sedona every Christmas up until my daughter was about seven or eight. Sometimes we were lucky enough to experience snow.


  1. Hi! I'm laughing because when I was a child, we only had one TV Chanel and every saturday afternoon we had to watch a western film so when on Sunday we went to spend the day to the country, we used to play to cowboys and we pretended that we were washing the horses in the river. The horses were the big rocks and we got them wet for hours.

    Thanks for sharing this charming post


  2. in our small country an hour and half drive is considered a looong way to go. funny how geography causes people to perceive time differently.

    1. Maybe because it is island? When I go to Hawaii it takes awhile to get to destinations, because most of the roads are two lanes. On the other hand, Arizona is a little bigger than NZ, with at least a million more people than NZ, but most people live in two metropolises. We have highways that are four lane roads between most major destinations, and there are no stop signs on them. Most of the state is wide open spaces and small towns. Once one is out of the city the traffic is not that bad. The speed limit on the highways is 75, except on mountain passes. It takes about an hour and a half to go 100 miles. Now you can see why there is such diverse opinions in America. We are more like our state than our country. Our states are the sizes of countries either in population or land mass.

  3. Beautiful photos! What a great place to share!

  4. That is gorgeous country! We definitely need to take a road trip.

  5. I absolutely loved Sedona when we visited a few years ago! These pictures are gorgeous! Thank you for bringing back great memories! xo Jen

  6. That is beautiful, I could spend days there.

  7. My sister has lived in both Phoenix and Tucson so I've visited those places many times...but never been to Sedona! I've always heard how gorgeous it is and would love to go there! (your pics are great :)

  8. My mother and her family are all from Arizona. Sedona is one of my husband's favorite places to visit when in Arizona.

  9. I have been dreaming of hopping in our car one summer and heading on a very long road trip!! this would be on my list. Great photos.

  10. Your pictures are absolutely amazing. The colours in those landscapes are breathtaking.

  11. I SO LOVE Arizona and the pictures are gorgeous! Seems like you can't go wrong. Thank you for sharing!!!

  12. Beautiful post!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  13. One day I hope to visit here. I have never been to Sedona and I have friends that live there.
    Your pictures show so well how beautiful it must be.

  14. I love Sedona, too. LOVE your photos! We spent Christmas there once, too, about twenty years ago!

  15. I just visited Sedona this past Summer. We spent 6 days there. My husband did more hiking and stuff but I hung out at our rented condo and went swimming and stuff. We did a driving tour and visited Slide Rock. I felt flat on my face trying to climb over the rocks to get to one of the slides. We got in way too far upstream! We had a great time and it was unfortunate that the next day we had to check out. I want to go again when it's not so hot since we were there mid-July. Of course high 90 is much cooler than Las Vegas was, on the way.


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