01 September 2013

The Petite Chandeliers

Repairing Vintage Chandeliers 

I purposely did not attempt to turn this into a series.
The petite, chandeliers that I found in a vintage/ second hand shop for my porch are not hung. (Actually all the furniture and accessories came second hand except for the white pitcher.)
It has become a saga, not unlike some of the bloggers that I enjoy and follow.

One of the chandelier's chords was a little short, and it is normally an easy fix unless one cracks where the wires were going.  It's vintage, so there is no easy fix due to the size.

But it can be fixed.  So we went to this place calls Odz, and we bought two parts, because they had to match.  He then took apart the other chandelier.
Did I tell you that we bought the wrong parts?
With weekends, holidays, and my spouse's type of work, we  
still don't have the correct parts to attempt to reassemble them in working order.
Actually, I'm glad they don't work, because the new parts come in the wrong shade of white.  And the eagle eye that I have, thinks that they will need painting, that is if we find parts that will work.

But that's okay.  There is no hurry.
In the meantime, one chandelier was dropped.  Dropped.  
One chandelier is now missing four vintage raindrops and 
several flower beads.   Those pieces are coming from Canada, and I hope we correctly selected these parts this time.  

Who knows if the chandeliers will ever work again? We might be just hanging them as pendants.

There are more projects just like this that have similarly progressed or not progressed.
And it is still too hot to get anything done, and I am feeling kind of grumpy. 


  1. Darn, to bad about your chandy's I wish the weather would cool down for you:)

  2. Awww, hope you get the right parts and it all turns out fabulous. Happy Labour Day!

  3. It's funny, but you're right - these kinds of posts are great to follow :) I guess Murphy's law applies to all of us!

  4. Hoping that it all comes together soon. It will feel that much more of an accomplishment when it is done. They are lovely.

  5. Can't wait to see this Magali - oops I meant Susan LMHO - I knew exactly who you meant!!!!!!!!!!

    1. That is funny! It was funny, because I was thinking of you and Magali.

      I was also kind not to take a photo of my husband's hand glued to my broken rooster. Fortunately, soaking his hand in finger nail polish remover worked wonders and a trip to the emergency room averted.

  6. That chandelier looks gorgeous, I hope you'll finally be able to hand it and get it to work! And I have no idea who you have in mind when you talk about bloggers who write series...

  7. The mini chandy is so adorable! I can see it any any space. :) Can't wait to see what you do with it and the final result when it's installed!



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