02 September 2013

Chalk Paint

This chair in the foreground needed painting, because it had paint all over it, not unlike this unfinished floor.

I have this huge piece of furniture that the movers nicknamed the beast that has been sitting on the floor for a year and a half.  The color doesn't work, because of its massive size.  I've been debating what to do for ages and ages.  I finally bought a can of paint to try on a small piece, because I have been afraid of wrecking a piece that was expensive,
but never worked in this house.  Why didn't I give it away?  No one wanted it due to its size.

Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

French Linen With a Clear Top Coat
Wax is not the best thing here; due to the heat, it tends to melt.
Though I could put wax on this chair and use this clear coat over it.

Things I Learned

1.  It worked without sanding.

2.  The paint that was on it initially ran, but covered on the second coat.

3.  There are no brush lines from this paint!!!  So an amateur such as myself could do it.

4. It's a flat, soft look.

5.  The clear coat gave it a little sheen.

6.  One needs to use a really good brush. I used a good brush for the paint, but not the clear coat, and consequently, the bristles came off.

7.  It dries super fast here even the clear coat.

8.  The clear coat is tinted, so one can see where one painted until it dries.

9.  The paint job looks better than the small chairs I've painted with latex.

10.  A little bit goes a long way, though I may need two cans to paint the armoire.


  1. It looks great. The color is right for my house, but I love how it stands out next to the white piece.

  2. I love that photo. I could move in - but you probably wouldn't want me to. lol

  3. Looks awesome - and that frame on the wall with the chalkboard!

  4. It turned out really good, I love Chalk Paint. ~ Lisa

  5. Wow Sue, just getting caught up with your blog after a long absence. This room is looking stunningly beautiful. I just love how you can turn a room into such an inviting and creative space. Love the effect of the chalk paint. I have yet to try it but I love the look. It seems so hard to buy in my part of the world. Oh and the magazine shoot with your daughter...will you share more of that? How exciting for her. :)

  6. Love the makeover, I can't stand clean fir/beech wood furniture (it's EVERYWHERE in Sweden).

  7. Looks great, I really like the color choice.

  8. Considering how beautiful the chair looks, I have a hard time believing you are a first-timer! Wow. So pretty!

  9. The chair turned out really pretty and the colour looks great against the chest.


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