30 September 2013

Autumn Abounds Party

It's too hot here! I don't decorate very much for autumn, but
here are my autumn vignettes.

My sense of humor... A folk artist made the mission, but unfortunately I don't know who.
The light overhead hits it just right.

Here are some of my angels with a velvet pumpkin.

 I shared this earlier this month.  It's tapioca pudding.  I use the recipe on the Kraft box, but I substitute cream sherry for the vanilla.  

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  1. I love the creamy tones in your home :-)

  2. I love your chalkboard and your angel vignette!! :)

  3. It is too hot here too! BUT it is suppose to only go to 72 this coming Saturday & I am looking forward to that day! Love your angels!
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

  4. I wanted to use the phrase "Twinkle, twinkle bat" as well this year! We think alike!

  5. I want doors like on your Mission Art in real life lol - how gorgeous -
    Twinkle Twinkle little Bat - Wish that I had thought of That ( I'm a poet you know lol )

    1. I want a pair of those doors too! Did you see the hand on the cross? I didn't create that quote. That quote is from Alice in Wonderland and Mozart wrote the piece. XOXO Trivia!

  6. Your style is beautiful and I'm adding you to my list of blog favs on my sidebar. I'm enjoying your blog so much this afternoon! The big jars on your kitchen counter are gorgeous!

  7. Beautiful blog! Where did you get the storage jars beside the stove?

  8. Thank you, Karina. If you google "Mexican glass pewter lids" one can probably find some on La Fuente and Etsy. I found these in Mexican folk shops. So I have a mixture of different lids.


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