22 August 2013

Tea Pot

We found this adorable teapot with kitty images at one of those shops that carry a mixture of vintage and newer items. It was only a few dollars. 
It's perfect, because we have three adopted cats.

The teapot, cup, and creamer fit together.  
For now it is displayed in the kitchen, because it is my favorite shade of blue.


 Making Tea

I made something for tea, but it didn't turn out, therefore there are no photos or recipe. 
It was not good and it was not pretty:)

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  1. Love that shade of blue and love the kitty cats! I have 2 myself!

  2. That is so cute and I love the contemporary style for your home. There are lots of possibilities for tea - not just English or Asian.

  3. Gotta love stuff with kitties on them!

  4. How unusual! I love teapots. Did you find out the origin of this one? Is it Japanese? I think it's too cute! What a great find! Is that the sugar and creamer on the back?

  5. Very cute set! I love tea and so I enjoy seeing unique teapots.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! I too collect teapots, have been for years....may have to track-down a kitty one now! Diane

  7. So cute! I also love tea pots. And tea! It's so fun that it matches your 3 kitties. Fun post.

  8. Your darling teapot reminds me of the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. I always loved them. :)

  9. What a cute little set! Love the way it fits together.

  10. I am sorry your tea food didn't turn out. At least you have that cute teapot.

  11. That is a really cute teapot set, fantastic that they all stick together. ~ Lisa


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