05 July 2013

The message is on the board.

How to make a chalkboard and a pin-board.

Make your own pin board with chicken wire.

Make your own chalkboard!!!

This was a simple, inexpensive project that would be cute in a kitchen, a child's room, an office, studio, laundry room etcetera.

I went to Aaron Brother's, because they were having a frame sale: BOGO for one cent.
They have some gorgeous frames, but I had a limited budget, so I picked up two simpler, identical frames that looked shabby, but were pretty, and would work well with my country French mix.  They also had wood inserts.
I decided on 16 x 20 inch.  I could of gone bigger, but smaller probably would not have allowed enough room for a pin-board.  

Next, I went to the hardware store and purchased a small roll of chicken-wire for seven dollars.

(There was plenty remaining for other chicken-wire projects that I am thinking about.)

Back at Home
We removed the wrapping and recycled the glass to the bin.

These frames came with black wood insert for the back of the frame.
I tested my chalk on it.  Perfect!!!  I would not need chalkboard paint.

I removed both boards and put them into one frame, black-side up, as a chalkboard.  I put in both; in case the surface wears out, I have another.  I cured the chalkboard surface by taking the chalk and rubbing it side-ways and then erasing.  This chalkboard actually works better than the small one we have from a name brand store.

Pin Board
I took the second frame, now empty, and used wire clippers to cut chicken wire to the size of the back side of the frame, then my spouse stapled it with his compressor.

We already had clothespins, because we use them in the kitchen to close bags, but I also had some small, strong magnets to hold memorabilia as well.

I think I could of put some attractive material on the back of the chicken-wire and that would of looked interesting too.  There are so many types of frames, wires, and screens that the design possibilities are endless.

The two boards took about an hour to create.

There are many interpretations on pinterest.

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  1. Not enough photos lol - but looks great from what I can see!!!

    1. Thank you, Suzan. II was trying to avoid showing friends; as soon as I hung it, my daughter was pinning things to it.

  2. I love both the chalkboard and the chicken wire.

  3. OMG that frame is divine and I love both versions.

    I want frames like that!!!!!!!!!

  4. We just recently put up a blackboard too but it isn't as fancy as yours! :-)

    1. Thanks, Sarah. It only looks fancy. Very inexpensive!

  5. They Both Turned out really good.


    Creative Raisins

  6. Great projects! I love finding frames like these. Can't beat a BOGO sale!

    Thanks for linking up to The Creative Homeacre Blog Hop! : )


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