19 July 2013

Summer Fancy

It's so hot that we might not resume painting the sleeping porch until September or October.
In the meantime we held a Mad Hatter party out there.  How did we make the table?

The Mad Hatter Table

 My daughter and I made the table by pushing tables of different lengths and heights together
with different sized chairs and rockers.
It's so whimsical and fun that we sort of want of leave it this way.
We found all the decorations in the house, so
the party really did not cost anything except for food.  We had so much fun that we also started planning our two October parties.

The tablecloths were various bed linens that coordinated with each other.

Sometimes we miss having a pool,
because there is not much to do here when it is over 105 for months.
So we have been crafting.

Our Crafts

We made the wreath for less than ten dollars and my daughter is working on a duplicate.
When she is finished we have a variation that we want to try.

My mother made the white rabbit.

We made this chalkboard and this pin-board for twenty dollars plus seven for chicken wire.

We don't bake or cook much when it is hot, but we made an exception for our party.

Gluten Free Cranberry Scones

My spouse and daughter baked these gluten-free dried cranberry scones. It's an excellent recipe.
We left out the nutmeg.

So work on the home has slowed due to weather.  It's too hot, except if one is indoors, so in addition to party planning and crafting,
 we have been visiting the vintage shops.

Shopping Vintage

Not everything in the shops is older or repainted.  There are repurposed items, handmade items, cottage items, country items, etcetera.
The items in the vintage shops are less than the antique shops.
We found the large chalkboard for the sleeping porch for less than 60 dollars.
Maybe it use to be  a mirror.

We found two chairs with handmade slipcovers that said "garden" on them for 80 dollars!

We really enjoy shopping the vintage shops.
It's inexpensive and unexpected.
We found a couple of other great items that I'll reveal in the future.

Planning a Garden

We are planning our first food garden in the desert.
We have to be ready to go by September 1.
That means we need to construct an above the ground bed, because the dirt is caliche or rock, clay, and sand.  I'll take photos when we get going.  It doesn't matter too much where we put it in the backyard, because the backyard is not landscaped and mostly wide-open.

Do you have summer projects?
Summer is our winter here; in other words we stay indoors this time of year.

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  1. Oh that type of heat is so unfamiliar to me but the heat we have now is really slowing me down so I can imagine your situation. I love the relationship you have with your daughter Sue. You truly do enjoy spending time with one another and the creative adventures make it so much more interesting for both of you.

  2. Love all the things you are doing:) We had one week of 90's and I hated it. I am not a hot weather girl and could never live in the tropics. I am excited to see your porch completed.

    1. Thank you, Dawn. At least we don't have your winters, though there is nothing more beautiful than a dusting of clean snow.

  3. It all looks wonderful! I hate the heat.

    1. Thanks, Sarah. The summer heat is the bad part of living here. The rest of the year the temperatures are mild.

  4. The humidity and heat here have been unbearable....I continue to paint in the garage, but it takes tons more effort and I"m exhausted at the end of the day! Today is supposed to be a bit better here.
    I love all your crafty projects, and that you do it with your daughter. What fun memories you're making!

  5. lLuten-free scones sound fantastic!
    I did the same thing you did for the party. I just took all of the decorations for Shelley's Sweet 16 party and put them all on the dining table (all the flowers and the treats). I did make the sundaes for the party, but we ate them for lunch!
    Summertime is the best time to get projects done while the kids aren't in school and it's too hot to be outside.

    Lovely post!

  6. Everything looks so gorgeous!
    Hasn't the heat been dreadful ( well it's not the heat per se - it's the freaking humidity that I cannot take )
    The humidity broke here yesterday after a much needed storm YAY
    But your house looks nice and cool with all those gorgeous whites!

  7. I live in such a temperate climate with little variation - southern coast of California- and have been surprised to hear so many people writing about the heat. I have been trying to remember what part of the US you call home.

    Stay cool and have fun crafting!

  8. Your table was really beautiful and funny, very Wonderland-like. I cracked a rib so all my summer projects stopped!

    1. Oh no! You have had a series of misadventures this summer! I hope you heal quickly and feel better soon, Magali!

  9. It's so sweet that you do these projects with your daughter! I know that the "Prudent Homemaker" has quite a food garden in Las Vegas. As for us, we plan to finish up projects on our first level--plank the dining ceiling, install a ceiling light there, and trim out a closet door and install a door there. It has been a leisurely pace though!

  10. Looks like a ton of fun! :) I wish I could live with you girls!!! I think waiting for some cooler weather to finish painting is a brilliant idea... I was outside sweating and feeling disgusting just painting some trim and house numbers this past week. Can't wait to see the finished result!



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