07 July 2013

Something Found

Tween Room Reveal

Yesterday, I visited a local vintage, up-cycle shop that carries Annie Sloan chalk paint, just in case I decide to paint a piece of furniture on my sleeping porch.  (I don't want to, because it is fine furniture; but at the same time, the finishes are not working together. Do you know what I mean?)

I thought the Duck Egg Blue finish was stunning.  I didn't see brush marks and it had a softened appearance.  The gray was also nice.  I made no decision.

But while I was looking at the different pieces on the floor, I came across these slipcovers!

My daughter LOVES words and we were in the process of updating her room to reflect her sophisticated taste.

So, I sent a photo to my daughter, because she needed two new slipcovers, because the ones on the chairs were showing wear and shrinkage.  
A little while later my spouse brought her to the store.

I don't know if that was good idea ;)  especially when one LOVES vintage and shabby.
She found several inexpensive items that could be used for storage in her room.

 I purchased two slipcovers for less than the cost of one from a catalogue.  
Come to find out when I paid, the price included the chairs and the slipcovers!
Someone local made the slipcovers and up-cycled the chairs.

The slipcovers are washable.

They look sweet in this space and also, they will look great with the winter linens. 

Do you see the baskets under the bed?  Those baskets store paperbacks.  To the right is her large computer desk that I will share at a future date.

The floors are concrete.  She has not found a rug that she likes, that fits the budget.
I'll show the project desk in an upcoming post.  One can see more of the room here and the chalkboard and pin-board that we made here.

It looks great with the other projects we did.

Homemade Rag Wreath


Homemade Bow Wreath

This is bow wreath and it is made of bows and the striped bow is a recycled IKEA dish towel.  (She helped make them.  This is the one she ended up choosing for her room.)

Chicken Wire Pin Board

Chalkboard Project

We stenciled the step stool.

The entire affordable update to this room was less than 200: two chairs with slipcovers, homemade wreath, chalkboard project, pin board project, IKEA sheets on sale for 19 and a new quilt from a box store.

This room reflects my daughter's interests and style; she loves vintage and AIW. She loves to read and write.  And the chalkboard and pin boards are for her interests and photos of friends, dance, and piano. She helped make the wreath and the boards.

Someday, we will post the desk and clothing area.

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  1. beautiful chairs and what a bargain!!

  2. Great deal and they are stunning.

  3. Love the chairs, and the whole room is just gorgeous!!

  4. Oh, those chairs are wonderful.

  5. What a GORGEOUS bedroom!!!!!!!
    The chairs are perfect - can you imagine getting the chairs also when you thought you were just getting the slipcovers?
    Talk about a bonus!

  6. Perfect chairs and a perfect space. The slips are charming:)

  7. Your daughter's room is adorable, and the slipcovers are *perfect*...LOVE them! :D

    I think the concrete floors probably feel good on her feet this time of year.


  8. So pretty!!! I wish I could sew better. I've attempted some slipcovers before and generally wanted to pull my hair out for even THINKING I could pull it off. The ones you got are scrumptious!

  9. The room is beautiful. Love the chairs and covers.

    Have a great week

  10. Oh goodness! I love your house! (I think I say that every time I visit!) The slipcovers are gorgeous. :)


  11. Oh.my.goodness.
    Those slips are TO.DIE.FOR!!!!
    Gorgeous room.-aimee

  12. Ooooh, so pretty!! I am jealous of your daughter's room, I could live there! Beautiful. ~Angela~

  13. Great find. The slipcovers are lovely.

  14. This room is dreamy. I love everything about it.

  15. Oh wow, this is such a lovely and fresh looking room. How pretty and so inviting. Love the chair covers, gorgeous. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. What a lovely room. Visiting from Romantic Home Party. Following now on Bloglovin and Hometalk (I love that place!). Come and link to What to do Weekends Party also which opens on Thursday evening at 10:00. Best wishes, Linda


  17. Simply stunning! The slipcovers are beautiful as is the room. I am a fan of words in my décor as well. Diane

  18. You have a remarkable good eye for details - I love everything with you daughter's bedroom

  19. I just featured this post on my blog!

    1. Thank you, that was so sweet of you. I will look at it tonight. I've had appointments to attend all day. :) Everything okay. Just routine.

  20. Oh my, I would love to find slip covers like that. They are simply gorgeous! Gardening is my first love. Next to hubby and family of course. lol! Hopped over from Lavender Garden Cottage. What a delightful room. I have a link pary, share your cup Thursday. It's all about sharing what makes you happy. Would love you to share some time.

  21. Love the slipcovers! Definitely something I would have bought, too. How great that the chairs came with them. I love her room. It looks like a very relaxing and stress-free room to be in.

    1. Thank you, so sweet of you to stop by and tell me.


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