09 July 2013

Replacing a Brick

No pretty photos today...  just a repair...

We have not been painting the sleeping porch's ceiling, because it has been too hot.
So, my spouse has switched to smaller projects. Here is one of them.

Replacing a Brick

One would think with the piles and piles of bricks and pavers in our backyard we would find the right size brick.  No, that would be too simple.   But after quite a bit of research my spouse found someone nearby with the right size and it cost less than a dollar.

He wanted to replace the half of brick in this wall.
He chiseled the brick out, being careful not to go through the fixed wall of the kitchen.  
This wall is the backside of this kitchen wall.

This is what he found, but he knew it was here because one could see it in the kitchen before we fixed the kitchen wall.
That box is dead.  The electrician's killed the box when they redid the electricity.
Can you guess what the electricity was for?

At one time there was a clock over the sink.
So the new brick fits, but this is where he stopped.  He has to mortar it in.
In the meantime, my spouse has moved on to another project.
I'll have some more photos soon.


  1. Can't get over that great sink! and the beams on the kitchen ceiling.

  2. Funny now such a little job can be the trickiest glad you found something that worked

  3. I think it's fun to see the "unpretty" photos of repairs. Your kitchen is one of my faves in blogland!


    1. Ricki, I think you are right. A post I did on the porch mess received a lot of views. OXO

  4. Wow, he did a good job, not damaging the whole wall and on the pretty side, we got to see your kitchen one more time, which I love!

  5. There are always so many DIY projects to do aren't there. He did an amazing job. I love your kitchen, I still drool when I see part of it.

    You asked about gardening in the desert. Any nursery can tell you what to plant and when. Basically you just reverse the times and plant most things for a winter garden. Our tomatoes and melons will be done really soon, it is just too hot and we even have shade cloth to protect them. But in the fall you can reall have a wonderful garden. So find a great spot and have the ground ready by Sept., then plant away and enjoy. Hugs, marty


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