16 June 2013

We really don't fix up the house all the time.

Do you have lots of devices that take photos? Each of us has a phone, and then we have one i-pad, and a beat-up camera.   We also forget that there are pictures on them.  This weekend my spouse downloaded a bunch of photos off my daughter's phone and his phone.
Almost three hundred photos later, these are a few of what we discovered. 

And besides all the photos of piano, dancing, singing, chess, painting, and canasta games we actually do things outdoors.

Here are some taken in April on a horse trail.
The large cacti are saguaro. The ones in the foreground with the red foliage are jumping cactus or teddy bears; their description is deceiving; one does not want to bump into one.

One week this past spring, before it became super hot, my daughter spent a week 
learning to horseback ride.  The first time my spouse had to take her, because she was nervous, and I was nervous that she was nervous.

We also enjoy road trips, but we especially enjoy the beach.  
Everything is just down the road here (a few hundred miles), and my spouse does the driving.

It's not always warm in So Cal, but there are gorgeous sunsets.

And when it is cool in the mornings my daughter can hike the mountain nearby, 
but I leave hike duty to my sister or my spouse.

How about a bike ride in the evening or early morning?  It is usually cool enough by then.

But since it is really hot now, it is time to stay indoors or hit the museums.  
Fortunately there are many. 
Today my spouse took my daughter to the new butterfly museum.
Happy Father's Day!

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  1. How many things you can do in your area! And always in contact with nature. I like it!


    1. Thank you, Marina. There is one big metro area in this state and two smaller ones. The state is about the size of New Zealand, but bigger with 2 million more people. But if you leave the city, there are wide open spaces.

  2. I can't believe those photos came from a phone!!!
    ( they're better than the ones I take with my camera - which tells you what
    a horrible photographer I am lol )

    1. Thanks, Suzan. I think the highest quality photos came off the 4s, but some of these were on the 4. (i-phones)

  3. Oh I'm so envious! I'd love to live there... thanks for sharing!!!!!


  4. So beautiful! I'd love to visit there - and return to Wisconsin for the summer and fall. :-)

  5. Beautiful photos!! Thanks sharing! I have a bike sorta like the one pictured. It was a Mother's Day gift about 3 years ago. How many times have I ridden it you ask? About 3!! Yikes! I had such high hopes for it; as it hangs in my garage.........

    Anyway that sunset photo is absolutely BREATH Taking!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  6. Your pictures are amazing. The nature around your home is so beautiful.

  7. Fun! It's nice to see what you're doing when you're not renovating. That picture of the bicycle is adorable, too! ~Angela~

  8. Lovely post. I think I need to pin that bicycle!
    Thanks, Patty

  9. I'm for sure pinning that bike, it's wonderful! Thank you Patty for reminding us how the little things in life are sometimes the most important to treasure.

  10. Your enjoying life!!!!!! Nice post:) Stop by http://www.sewsweetvintage.com/2013/06/beachy-signs.html

  11. Love the photos! Isn't it fun to look back and see what you have been up to? Hubby and I hiked through cactus in AZ a few years ago. Those photos brought back great memories. I had fun doing a post about it. The butterfly photo and sunset is gorgeous. CA is a wonderful place to live. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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