29 June 2013

Summer Reading...

A Photo Looking Out at the Fountain, Mirror, and piles of pavers.

I'm a little out of sorts tonight.  It's really HOT and I seem to be dehydrating quickly, probably because the humidity is 6 percent.  So I am drinking water regularly, 
but dehydration can make me feel a little nervous even if there is nothing to be nervous about.  
It's just physical.

It was 116 degrees yesterday.  It did not break the record set in 1990.
Today it was 118 officially 119 degrees and it broke the record for the day by one two degrees, but not the all time high of 122 in 1990.   
Back then they had to ground all the airplanes, 
because they were unsure of the lift.
Today they grounded the smaller planes when it hit 117.

How did we keep cool?

Well, the toy poodle stayed in, but the cats like to be out in the day, so around noon we laid some blue ice packs in the shade where they take their afternoon siestas.  One kitty laid right on it and the other one put his paws under it like he was getting his nails done.

My daughter went to a two pool party parties today, and I think she had fun.
I had to drop her off and pick her up, and I'm not to good at talking. 
Afterwards, I always wonder, "Did I say too much or too little?"

I stayed home most of the day, and the air conditioning has been running non stop.
I am rereading Brave New World.  I read it years ago, but forgot how it went.  It is definitely for at least teens, probably older ones and it is a cautionary dystopia.

And recently I have had enough of that kind of reading...  
I prefer redemptive books; so speaking of books, 
if one wants to read something from the "Edge of the World" with  a magical, poetic, gypsy quality I recommend  Sarah's book at Writing Wild.  
She has a free e-book for one reader if he or she is willing to review it.
I'm not good at reviewing, so I had my spouse purchase it for me a couple of weeks ago, but I've been reading her blog, poems, commentaries, and essays for years and her work is different in a profound sort of way, and I hope I have not done it an injustice trying to recommend it.

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  1. How kind you are, thank you so very much :-) xx

    I am the same as you, I always come away from social gatherings wondering if I have talked too much or too little. It can be quite stressful at times!

    I don't know how you cope with such heat. It's amazing of it ever getting so hot that they had to ground airplanes. I complain when it is 25 degrees Celsius here - that's only 77 degrees F!

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I wish you well.

      My spouse just told me the official high is now 119, the hottest since 1995, but not breaking the record of 122 in 1990.

  2. It was so HOT today and that is something we are not used to on the coast. I actually had to go inside to get out of the sun. And, it is expected to be hotter each day.

    Stay cool!

  3. I am here too. You must be in Phoenix. Thank the Lord for AC. Hugs, Marty

  4. I think what you wrote about "Writing Wild" was very beautiful and I'll check the blog right after. I can't imagine living with that kind of heat. 25°C is about as high as it gets in the summer in Brittany, though it's colder this year. But what surprises me the most is the humidity level! It's around 66% in the house lately here because I live less than a mile from the sea.

  5. OH...I am not going to complain anymore about our heat here in Utah. It is to hot to do anything at those temperatures. I keep wishing we had a swimming pool in our back yard. Because I don't even want to drive anywhere.

    1. I know. I wish we had a pool too. Decided not to find a place with one...

  6. Oh my goodness,keep cool somehow Sue. that is a bit scarey when you think of senior citizens.
    Thank you for the reading suggestion. I am always looking for a good summer read and like you I have had enough of dystopia and would not actually mind utopia. :)

    1. I was thinking how well we do here in the heat: locals know not to hike or exercise outdoors, drink lots of water, stay indoors, and if one's AC goes out go to the mall or a friend's etcetera. I had not heard of heat related deaths, not like other places. But it turned tragic, about 80 miles north of here with a wild fire. Just terrible... many young fire fighters, so sad for them and their families.

  7. Ick, I thought it was bad here! My window a/c went in this morning and I started hanging beach mats over my windows to keep the sun off. My house looks like a mexican fiesta - well, maybe it looks more like a hot mess but at least I will be cooler ;)


    1. I hope it is fixed soon. The beach mats sound cute!

  8. Oh yes, I feel like my eyeballs are melting right out of their sockets. :)

    I just finished The Paris Wife. I enjoyed it but it was sad.

    Have a very happy fourth of July!

  9. Oh ! Here in PARIS, we are complaining because it's so cold, but somewhere, I prefer that ! 116 ° Awfull !
    Kisses to you cats and little puddle (mine has gone the the hairdresser to-day : no more fluffy but just like she is going to win a price !!! A little girl now !

  10. I remember when it was so hot before the monsoon in Scottsdale! You really do have to drink tons of water to remain hydrated! Interesting choice in books, and I hope you'll join me for my Literary Friday linky sometime! I'd love to have you.

    Have a Happy Fourth!


  11. This is a wonderful site to share some issues, experiences and for some who just have something to talk of. I also love reading but summer time is not quite a nice moment to read except maybe if you are near seawater or any bodies of water to refresh your feeling.



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