27 June 2013

Sleeping Porch Ceiling

In the above photo, the three ceiling beams on the bottom and the space between is painted.  It doesn't look all that different than the primer; it is semi-gloss over the primer.  It does not seem to have a sheen.  I have experience with this white, I used this very same shade in the rest of the house on the interior doors and ceilings, but it doesn't look the same in northern light.  It looks much whiter and less warm.

 It's on the left ceiling in this photo. hmmm... I do like it on the brick and the planked walls.

What a dilemma!  I have some furniture for this room that I kept somewhat in mind during planning, but it is still hard for me to imagine a finished product because it is big, blank space of 295 square feet, except for the laundry area.


  1. It's such a fabulous space. Can't wait to see what you do with it!!!

  2. I do see a difference between the primed area and the painted area, but maybe it's because I have ceilings on my mind a lot lately... I have a "painted ceiling radar"! I had the same problem with white as in my kitchen/dining-room I have a window facing North and one facing South and so the shade of white tends to vary...

    1. Tricky...with the light. Well, that makes me feel better that you have noticed something similar with your rooms.

      My spouse doesn't really care for the way it is interacting with the light, but I understand why he is not keen on finding another paint.



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