06 June 2013

Just Some Photos of Our Day

This kitty has four names.  Here he was in the dining room.
A little later they were all outside listening to my daughter play a Mozart sonata and some Bach.

They sit in this spot twice a day when she practices. 
Two of the three kitties showed up for a kitty photo shoot in the hallway of the carport where the chalkboard is going.  These two are brothers.


Yawning is Catchy

We baked a gluten-free peach bread, but I created the recipe, because I like to use what I have in the kitchen.  It's good, but I need to tweak it more; it might of had just a bit much xantham gum.

She didn't want to be left out after all.  
Clara showed up in the hallway where we have not finished painting.
These are all adopted kitties.


  1. Love your kitties! Love the name Clara too! so cute ;)

    1. Thank you, Anne. My daughter named them all. They are musical names: Clara Schumann a women composer. Berceuse a lullaby (also called Silvermist) Blackie like the keys on the piano.

  2. That gray kitty looks so velvety soft! I love cats... despite the fact that one cat is on my last nerve right now! Thanks for sharing snippets of your day!

    toddlindsey.com :)

    1. Yes, that cat has a really nice coat. Just a found kitty, but he knows he is elegant.

  3. the yawning cats photos are hilarious!

  4. The pictures where they are yawning are so funny, it looks like they are about to jump at each other's throat! Cats are fascinating. Every musician and dancer should have cats surrounding them!


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