13 June 2013

If I Could, I Would

I saw this piece of history was for sale.
The interior and exterior are rustically, beautiful, and imperfect.  
I call the style pueblo revival with the vigas (logs on the ceiling extending from the interior to the exterior), adobe bricks, saltillo tile, courtyard, 
Santa Fe blue paint.  To me it's perfect.
I don't believe in dream homes;  I'm always happy where I am, but if I could I would.  I think it is important to save the history of Arizona.

Arizona is not an old state, but its age is starting to show. Last year, some people of Arizona managed to save a Frank Lloyd Wright house built for one of his children;
the house was his inspiration for the Guggenheim.

I think the Maynard Dixon home is a good location in an area I like, not far from where I once lived
when I was younger.
I like it the way it is, except for maybe the laundry room's appliances.
Unlike my old house, a wreak when I found it, this home has craftsmanship.

I also should say that I am an admirer of his paintings.


  1. I hope that the home will be taken care of....
    When we lived in Scottsdale, we could ride our bikes by Taliesin West. I miss being a Zonie!


    1. I didn't know that. Nice area.

      It's great other than the summer, but I guess it's just the opposite of winter somewhere else.

  2. I'm always happy where I am, too! It's a good way to live :)


  3. The pictures are amazing. The house looks so exotic to me. I love the blue used on some doors inside the house. There are so many houses I would like to save. I believe houses are work of art themselves.


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