10 June 2013

Ceiling Paint for Sleeping Porch

So we are still painting the sleeping porch and the French doors.  Daunting!

This home is old enough to have some interesting ceilings!

 I love interesting ceilings, but I have yet to make a decision as to what to do
with the sleeping porch's ceiling.

It's most like the carport's, which I painted all white, because I can see it from inside the house.

The front porch's ceiling is my favorite.  I painted stripes.  It's happy.

Or this one in the potting shed.  I't fun too, but a little more serious than the front porch's ceiling.
I decided the planks would be blue and the beams white.

The kitchen ceiling is a shade of SW snowbound white with light French gray walls.

The sleeping porch is seen from the dining room and kitchen, so the French doors
will all be painted SW Gateway Gray which is the colors of the walls and French doors in the dining area.  All the walls will be SW Snowbound; it is a shade of white that I've used as trim color and as some color on some plastered ceilings: two planked walls and two cement brick walls; I made this decision after sampling various colors on it.

Fortunately I realized the ceiling was primed because we primed the walls first and the prime colors matched! I can understand why they never got beyond priming.
It's like painting the inside of many boxes.

So I think I'm going to paint the ceiling white and then see if I want to paint the long beams SW Gateway Gray.

 Or maybe I want to paint the inside of the boxes SW Gateway and the long beams SW Snowbound. Or maybe I will resort to the potting shed plan of blue and white.
I'll probably only test one beam or one box.

I've thought about how I would use the room, and I could make any of these ceiling schemes work, it's just that I don't know if I will like all that white.  It seems sort of shallow to be so concerned about the ceiling, but it is just so much surface area that we will not repaint for years.

Here's my ceiling board on Pinterest.

Any way, after writing this, I think it is going to be a shade of white, because now that there are two coats on the wall, I like it, besides it is easier to paint over white if I change my mind.

Whites are so hard to choose!

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  1. What a hard work! But the result is great!


  2. Super pretty I love that blue!!

  3. I really like the first picture - the blue and white does make it look fun. Also you are so right, white is probably the hardest paint color to choose, there are so many variations. I think what color to paint the ceiling is important, I often used a 1/4 of the color on the walls added to the white trim color for my ceilings. It adds a subtle color to the ceilings and most people don't even realize you have color up there but you will know, it is softer and less harsh than just white.
    Thanks, Patty

    1. Thank you, Patty. Great suggestion. That crossed my mind too in the course of this, except that I have the paint. So then I was thinking of measuring the paint and mixing it myself, but it might not exactly match on the second coat. Though streaks of color, slightly off, might not matter on an old house of this type. I've left some things alone that normally would bother me when I had newer homes.

      I bought the paint, not thinking I would hesitate, otherwise I would have had them mix it that way.

  4. I am always at a loss as to what white I want buy, because there are so many to pick from.

  5. I love your blue and white ceilings. I had a hard time choosing the perfect white for my dining-room ceiling and ended up choosing the purest I could find as light can be an issue in an old cottage like mine.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your ceilings! I think my fave is the blue squares but they are all fantastic. :) Wish I had me some nifty beams so I could copy you! :)


  7. I just found your fun Paint Project and would love to have you link up and my party!


    I will follow on my way out!!


  8. It looks like you have the right idea for inspiration! You will make the perfect choice!

  9. I featured your amazing ceiling on my Paint Party! Thank you for linking up, i really want this ceiling!


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