13 May 2013

Sleeping Porch Progress

Over the weekend we finished the insulation and installed some of the planks on the inside of the sleeping porch.
This is the third type of planks we have used in the house.  These are thick, wood planks, and are in the siding section.  We used it on the outside and on the outside.  The boards we took off were completely rotted.

1st Bathroom
We used a bead-board sheet.  It was tricky cutting a "plank" in half to make them meet.

2nd Kitchen   We found individual tongue and groove planks in packages on clearance.  Since it was wood planks, the longer they were the more likely they were to have some warp.  If there was warp, it  was difficult to make them fit.

This is the 3rd type.
These planks are a little thicker than the second, and the product is available at Home Depot or Lowe's purchased by the plank.
It's tricky too.

The nature of real wood is that it is difficult to get a straight plank, which means it is difficult to get planks to fit into the tongue and groove sometimes.  It's going slowly.  We are going horizontally this time.  On the wall that needs shorter boards it is going quicker.

Eventually, we will prime and paint.


  1. I LOVE horizontal planks - this is going to be just beautiful!

  2. Great job! I want to see more, please!


  3. It's looking great. I know what you mean about getting planks to fit. We had such a time doing this on the ceiling of our little kitchen. Hubby was using his crowbar a lot to push the planks tight while he nailed them with his nail gun. We had looked them over carefully, but not all were perfectly straight. Even so, when winter came, I noticed that some of the plankshad shrunk a bit and showed cracks in between. Now that the warmer weather is here, I will have to get out some caulking, fill the cracks, and repaint. I think this will be a yearly maintenance! Some people just live with the cracks as part of the charm. Maybe someday that will be us!

  4. If the first photo is any indication, things are going great. Love that look!

  5. Looks fabulous already! and boy do I know about warping wood...

    Happy Monday!

  6. Love this. Look forward to see the rest.


  7. This house, this porch: all a lot of heart and hard work! It just looks crazy wonderful!

  8. The planks look lovely, even if they are difficult to work with. I went back to check on your bathroom, I had forgotten how much I love it. You did a fabulous job there.


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