18 May 2013

Sleeping Porch Progress Update

It's hard to believe that just a few week's ago this was our rotted wall with four broken windows with an exterior door to the right!
In this photo, we had already removed the planked boards that covered this.
The damage was caused by a previous owner laying a patio higher than the house.


My spouse reframed the wall and attached it to the roof and foundation.  (It wasn't before.) He used pressurized wood and metal bracing.  We insulated the wall that was still good and the new wall.

The planked walls on the inside are about done, and we are getting close to caulking and selecting paint for the interior and exterior.  

(Rhoda's Southern Hospitality has a Sherwin-William's Paint give-away   http://southernhospitalityblog.com/the-laundry-room-makeover/#comments has a Sherwin-Williams Paint Give-Away.)  The things I will do for paint!  
I get a an extra entry for blogging or (blabbing) about paint.    
 My entire home is painted with Sherwin-William's paint.)

But the exterior wall, the wall with the French doors, still has the black paper exposed, so next we will be installing the exterior siding.  We have to complete it before the monsoon starts.

These planked walls were time consuming, but these planks from the Home Depot (Lowes sells them too) will require the least amount of wood filler so far!  And the planks are just the right look for this 1940s cottage! The exciting news is that the nail marks don't show that much! The painting will be a lot of work due to the surface area without wood filler: brick, the nooks and crannies of the walls and ceilings, and the floor.

We are still waiting on the third set of French doors, which will go from the inside of the house to the porch.  Presently there is a sliding door in a brick wall, and it will be changed from a slider to a French door by a contractor for about twice the price of a door.  Because we have to dispose of the old door and get the new door delivered, it is really only about 200 dollars more than doing it ourselves.  

Don't you think that some things are worth having someone else do it?

I really need to get a new camera!  Sometimes my photos are clear and sometimes they are not.
This is unclear, but I wanted to show the two sets of doors.

How are we going to use this porch?

Well the washer and dryer hookups are in it.  I also want to set up a place for the coffee pot and microwave;  I don't use either very much, so this will be a good location. My spouse wants to use the space for an office, because his office is not done; yet the porch is too hot in the summer.  And my daughter needs a space to paint.

So, I will decorate with a sitting area, a workspace, a sleep area, laundry area, and eventually I hope to purchase a heat pump. (Heat pumps move the hot air out and cool, and in the winter it can be use to heat.  But heat it is generally not needed except a few nights and mornings a year, especially in this house.  I actually turn on the AC sometimes because it can get to be 78 at night in the winter because the walls are made of cement, block brick.) At our former home, I had a heat pump on the side of my casita and it worked quickly.  I would just set the temperature at 84, but when I needed to cool the tiny cottage, I would turn it on and it would cool in five or ten minutes.


  1. It's looking so fabulous already!!!

  2. The trick is in the visualizing isn't it?! It's looking great. I spent 7 years doing up my old 16th century cottage...then moved! But when we left it had an old cottage garden and the inside and outside were bang up to date. We were very proud but had to move as we were breaking our backs with it. Keep going, the rewards will be fantastic. Take care. x

    1. Thank you, Chel C. You are correct! Visualizing! This place was a bargain! Mostly cosmetic updating, some plumbing and electrical update and a rotted wall, but all the things we have completed, didn't add up to the value around us. It is good when one can see the opportunity.

  3. The planked walls are unbelievably beautiful! Well done!

    Have a gorgeous day!

  4. French doors are so much prettier than a sliding door :-) And yes, there are DEFINITELY times when bringing in an expert to do the work is totally worth it!

  5. The transformation is breathtaking. It's hard to believe it's actually the same room. Those French windows have so much charm. Your daughter seems to be quite the artist.

  6. Oh, the planked walls look amazing!! I can't wait to see how it turns out! ~Angela~

  7. This is beginning to look amazing. I love your planked wall. Can't wait to see more. Thanks also for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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