19 May 2013

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Eating breakfast.  
Though we visit about once a year, these photos were taken several years ago.  I selected these particular photos because it was early autumn, 
and the rain had just washed the buildings.

Santa Fe is my favorite city and I have been to many: London, Paris, Hong Kong, San Francisco, New York, San Juan to name a few.  But I LOVE Santa Fe! 

Santa Fe is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The historic buildings are made of adobe which is a mixture of dirt, straw, and water. As adobe ages from rain and weather it takes on feminine curves; the buildings appear to grow from the earth.

I love Santa Fe, because it is a small, uncrowded city, with a unique architecture and culture: art galleries, world class museums, hiking, theatre, a symphony, and an opera.  
The historic area is walkable, and we always purchase something hand-made 
to bring home when we visit.

We love visiting the old churches, walking along the Santa Fe river, picking dandelions in the park, window shopping the galleries, and observing the festivities on the plaza. 

Santuario de Guadalupe

San Miguel, is the oldest standing church in the United States approximately 1607- 1608.

If you walk down the road in the distance, one will reach The Governor's Palace. There is a daily American Indian Market. Rain or shine,  the vendors, local pueblo artisans, are there selling their silver and turquoise, handmade jewelry.

This is one of the hotels we have stayed at: Loretto Inn and Spa.  
It is quite old, and the rooms are small, but it has quite the ambiance.  
It is next door to the French Gothic style church, the Loretto Chapel,
with the famous, spiral staircase.
I'll show you some more photos of Santa Fe in the future.
I lived not too far from here in my teen years. "Not far" or "just down the road" in the west, means a couple of hundred miles, so it has long been a favorite place of mine.


  1. A wonderful place! the Sanctuary and the church are very well maintained. I suppose they have spanish origin. Perhaps I can find some information about the origin of the city.

    Thank you


    1. Yes. The city does have Spanish origins, but it was first a pueblo city. The Spanish tried twice to conquer the area, the first time was in 1598. To this day, the city is an interesting mix of pueblo, Spanish, anglo, and Mexican. It attracts artists. Georgia O'Keefe for one. Also, there is good skiing in the area. More recently, probably in the last twenty years, it attracts the celebrity.

  2. Your photos are amazing! The last one is awesome! And you've sold me - I'm ready to travel to Santa Fe.

  3. how beautiful! I'd love to visit it! Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. That church is amazing. Now I'll be singing "on the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe" all evening! I love turquoise jewelry. I can't wait for you to share more!

  5. I've never been to Santa Fe... I just might need to put that on my bucket list now after seeing your wonderful tour... Just beautiful!


  6. Beautiful photos. Wish I could visit that town, but it`s a little bit far away for me. Love your post, and love to read about your country.

    Have a nice rest of the week.


  7. I was so interested to happen upon this post. We will leave Thursday for a long weekend here. I love taos too, so different yet both wonderful. We are only a 5 hour drive so we go often and do what you described ...just a few days connected to a very soulful world

    1. Have fun, and drive carefully. I hope there is no snow, but bring chains just in case. I love to visit any time of year there. xoxo


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