28 May 2013


My kitchen was featured at Le Chateau Des Fleurs's Blogspot.  Isabelle has two giveaways going on, and there still might be time to join her Kitchenaide Mixer giveaway, which ends today.

I'm just going to show you this.  It's messy, but it is still a little less messy than it was.
We accomplished quite a bit this past weekend.
Now we are working on priming and painting the back of the house and the exterior of the sleeping porch white.
We want to unify the surfaces and reflect the heat.

The older walls we washed down before we began.
We prime first, because primer is less than paint.

 This side of the home faces the north, but it receives some western afternoon sun too. I can already feel a huge difference in temperature when I place my hand on the bricks.

 We spent part of the day looking for a spray attachment to paint the utilities.  We will just water down the paint a bit for spraying.

Someday we will turn this into a nice backyard.  I have tons, literally tons, of pavers to use, because one of the previous owners was obsessed with pavers, bricks, and other types cement, but many don't match, and are just placed on the dirt.

I also have tons of cement that we had to remove because the patio along the house was higher than the house.

I'm not going to build a pool.  I've done that before.
It's only worth it to buy a pool if the house comes with one; it costs less to remodel than build.  The dig is usually not included, and that's where they get you. If your ground is rocky, and most of it is around here, they charge you a higher rate; the best part is that they don't know how much it will cost until they dig.  What a deal.

But when it is this hot, I do miss the convenience of a pool. 
 However, I think someday I would enjoy a bunch of desert shade trees to place the furniture under, another fountain, and a spot for a garden.  It's less maintenance and decreases the backyard temperature.
Or maybe sprinklers... or maybe a splash pad... or


  1. I have wanted a pool badly but in my part of the world it doesn't really make sense. I was told it would cost about 30,000$ to install an inground pool which is ludicrous given our short number of hot days. I agree that the installation can be a big surprise. I watch our neighbours with their pool every summer and it seems to get limited use.
    Oh well, I am going the garden route this year.
    BTW, what colour white are you using Sue?

  2. It looks great so far! I bet once you've done everything you want to do it will look amazing. I'm having so much fun watching as you do all of these great projects! ~Angela~

  3. Looking good my friend. I too wouldn't install a pool if the house didn't already come with one, I would like about a hot-tub maybe.

  4. It's such a great idea to use white to reflect the sun beams. I like a white cottage, anyway :)

  5. WOW, the cost of the pool really is not worth it. My friend put up above ground pool which seem to cost a lot less. Although we are not fond of the way it looks. I like the way the white makes a house feel more like a cottage.


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