22 May 2013

Mason Jars

I found these blue Ball Mason Jars at Target.   It's my favorite shade of blue!
They are the company's 100 year anniversary jars, and they are made in the U.S.A.  Six jars cost just under ten dollars with Target's 5% discount. 

I'll use them for drinks, vases, or for storing snacks.
It's just a little something that is pretty and didn't cost much.

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  1. you can never have too many mason jars. Love that blue!

  2. These are a classic! Love them :)

  3. Aren't they pretty! I've always loved the blue jars.

  4. That is awesome that you found these beautiful blue jars at Target. The color is simply beautiful.

    Pearl 13.1

  5. I picked up 30 also. They are certainly not the same shade of blue they were 100 years ago. Im still not sure if I like the color or not:(

  6. I only bought six and with the Target discount they were slightly less than ten dollars. I can use them as glasses, vases, and to store small amounts.

    I'm not sure I would like my canned things in the color.

  7. I am thinking if you use them for canning everything would look weird and not edible. I love those jars. They are in one of my favorite colors as well. Good deal as well. Love Shopping Target!

    1. I thought the same, unless the item was blackberries or blueberries.

  8. I love the colour! In France we traditionally use "Le Parfait" jars, but they are your average no-colour glass. I love them, though.


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