09 May 2013

I am exhausted reading this.

We picked up a few plants to replace the ones that didn't survive the freeze.

This is the rotted wall we rebuilt.  It previously had four windows and a door. We still must paper under the eaves, but installing the waterproofing paper in preparation for porch siding is fairly easy.  Eventually those gutters will be removed when the roof work is done.

Then I set up a feeding station for the kitties, since they can't jump through the broken windows in the rotted wall anymore to get to on the porch.  I placed it high, because the Toy Poodle eats it, and he should not, because he has colitis.The self-watering dish and a pillow are below.  The chair is there for the kitty with the limp, so he can reach.

Eventually this wall will be painted white.  I'm waiting on a paint sale at Sherwin-Williams, because I missed the last one.

I'm storing the food in the potting shed, which is near the feeding station.  The food is inside a blue container that we purchased at IKEA.
It's all convenient.

Moving and renovating is a lot of work!
What are your projects this week?  Leave your link in the posts, so other readers can check it out.

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  1. I crack myself up sometimes at what I end up liking most in pictures. Of all the things you featured, the food container is what I love the most. What a great color.

  2. I love your work there! I've been a little bit crazy trying to save my plants. Roya has attacked my roses. so a lot of work. Thanks for sharing



  3. Ha! I liked that pretty food container as well. :-) Renovating is so much work. We've done it several times, but recently my projects don't include building or renovating. Enjoyed your photos. I like the details too.

  4. Can you believe I was browsing google image today to find a cat food container that I liked? I'll check on the Ikea website if they sell the blue tin in France... I need something to keep the dry food tasty. Since we live close to the sea, the cats are complaining it doesn't taste very good when the bad has been opened for a few days... Anything to keep them happy!

  5. Oh I am loving those doors. What a great project this is Sue. I am curious how you are going to use this space. It seems like there are endless possibilities.
    And on the topic of weather, I think something is a bit wacky as we get the warm and hot days while you get frost!

    1. I know. The washer and dryer are on the porch, but that's a corner. I have furniture, but some of it may need reworking because it's a porch. We can see this from the inside, so it will have to flow. Painting is going to be a huge project! Brick and plank are not easy to paint plus, we need to do the floor.

  6. Oh, my!!! Don't I know it! Our first house was an 1860's farmhouse that we totally restored. Our current home is a 1930's lake cottage. Gladly it doesn't need as much work as the old farmhouse! It's very tiring, but hopefully will be as rewarding as ours has been!! Hope you have a great weekend and take a little time for resting up, too!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage


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