03 May 2013

Cosanti Part 3

There is one more album of Cosanti photos that we want to share, and the photos are of the pool area.

The first thing remarkable about the pool is its elevation in relationship to the view.  It really feels that one is out in the country, not in the middle of residential area.

Unfortunately, we visited after a dust storm, so there was quite a bit of pollen that had fallen into the pool altering the water chemistry.  

The atrium is remarkable.  The posts supporting the roof are old telephone poles.
Soleri was ahead of his time, not just in the making of construction that suited the environment, but also in adaptable reuse.

It was a warm day when we visited.  The temperature was in the nineties, but it didn't feel like it. Cosanti was carefully sited in relation to the sun, and it was dug out of the earth.  
Also, the awnings and landscape contribute to the cooler temperatures.
That is an aperture in the atrium ceiling that lets sunlight in.  The outdoor temperature at Cosanti is pleasant in the cool, dry desert winter and the in the hot, desert summer due to its earth-centered
construction technique.

Soleri's Significance

His uniqueness and nonconformity stands out.  He was also somewhat of a polymath in that he delved into many areas of study in addition to architecture.   Finally, he gave the world a different vision of community.


  1. oh wow, so gorgeous! I'm in love...

  2. Such an amazing place and well thought through.


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