30 May 2013

Chocolate Hazelnut Snack

I saw this snack on Nutella's FB page.

Mini Banana Split

Nutella is gluten-free.  It's chocolate, hazelnut spread.  One tablespoon has one hundred calories.

It's easy.  Just cut a banana, a couple of strawberries, add Nutella, and build mini sandwiches.  

I added blueberries.

Unfortunately, only I liked it, not the person who needs gluten-free.

I've had it twice now.  I prefer to cut the banana lengthwise.  It is much easier and neater.

This is a low calorie food if one goes easy on the chocolate-hazelnut paste.

It's a delicious snack or dinner if one can eat a banana, nuts, and loves chocolate.  It's also easy for children to make themselves.

If she enjoyed it, it would of been cute for Fanciful Twist's Mad Hatter Tea Party in July.

My daughter is the biggest Alice in Wonderland fan I know, other than Vanessa.

We joined last year when we were decorating my daughter's room.

Today, I am joining:

Becky @ Your Modern Family                            Doreen @  HouseHoneys                                                                         
 Kathe @ Kathe with an E                                      Kathy @ Life on Lakeshore Drive     
Suzan @ Simply Vintageous                                      Tammy @ One More Time Events  

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  1. Nice simply snack, I like this idea. I may give it try. Thanks for sharing my friend.


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