29 May 2013

Before and After Dining Room Door

Old Slider.  Almost every day my spouse forgot that it was locked.  And also, there was probably 40 years of crud embedded in the track, so it did not slide well.

New Door
I still have to paint and touch up the walls, but the door matches the ones on the porch, 
except that it opens out. 


  1. Your new doors look amazing! Thanks, Patty

  2. What a huge difference. I bet you were so glad to say good bye to the slider! Very pretty.

  3. I LOVE those doors. Just beautiful.

    Have a great day

  4. Your new door is fabulous. So pretty. I am sure you are really enjoying it. Hugs, Marty

  5. It's starting to look pretty sweet!!

  6. You will love your new doors. They are so much better than sliders any day.

  7. I love french doors!!! And double french doors? ... Double love! :)


  8. I am enamoured with the transformations that you and your husband are performing on your home. It is so lovely.
    Thank you for such a beautiful and inspirational blog. (I do not have a blog).

    1. Thank you, Beadhen, that is so sweet of you to tell us.

  9. I love the way it looks. Those sliding doors can be such a pain.

  10. I like both sliding doors and French doors, but overall design factors in of course. The old doors actually made me think they're better off as shower doors, so I'm glad your love for French doors took over. I definitely think it's a huge improvement.

  11. It's a smart decision that you finally replaced the old door. Keeping it there for long is not a good idea since it is not functioning well. It might only create a bigger problem in the future. Anyway, your new door looks durable. And it's great that you chose the one that has the same design as the door frame.
    Mason Mcnulty @ Renewal by Andersen


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