25 April 2013

Smoothie GF

Gluten-free Smoothie

I am still working on our potting shed.  I might reveal it tomorrow, because I am getting tired of sorting through the stuff that needs to be stored.  Yet, I made progress getting rid of it!  However, today was probably the last cool day until October, so I don't know what else I will get done, unless I get up at dawn.  I realize some people are still experiencing snow, but we will get into the low 100s next week.  Usually, June through August is the flip-side of winter here.  Most of the year it is relatively mild weather until summer and then summer is awful.

In the meantime, I will share with you my daughter's gluten-free smoothie.

She puts all this into the blender until it is smooth and blended.

She chops about five or six large strawberries.
Approximately 2 tablespoons of Greek vanilla yogurt.
1 cup of organic almond milk
3 tbs of gluten-free vanilla protein powder or any protein powder
sweeten to taste with your favorite sweetner
a dash of essence of orange oil which helps digestion



  1. Looks yummy! And your fridge is just so cute!

  2. Oh that looks and sounds delicious. Hey Sue... love the new feel to your blog... really crisp feeling.

  3. It sounds delicious, almost as delicious as that picture of your kitchen!


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