02 April 2013

Sleeping Porch

We started working on our "sleeping porch" or the porch on the back of the house.  Back in the days of no central AC and just swamp coolers, people would sleep on the porch.

The screens have been gone for a few months; they were barely up, so the cats finished the job.  We start with the small things.

We start most projects with the small things that cost little money: deconstruction, getting rid of the clutter, hauling away, and sweeping.  We are still getting rid of clutter, but my spouse has broken the concrete patio and put two of the new posts up.

Why? Someone at some point in time remodeled, but didn't know what they were doing; they laid the backyard patio higher than the house's porch.  A DON'T.  So each time it rained, fortunately it doesn't rain much, but it comes down in inches on the few days it does, it would take on water and it rotted the wooden porch walls and its supports, while the concrete walls and floors remained fine.

The supports were not even secured to the concrete and much of the wood was not pressurized!

(That's a lemon tree that someone planted really close to the house!  Another DON'T!)

So now there are some new ones.

There was leftover wood and my spouse cut and sanded them for my daughter who is painting them into handmade toys for her Petshops, Ponies, and Loopsies.

In upcoming posts I'll show the good qualities of the porch and my plans.
Here is our latest, finished, "before and after" project, the kitchen


  1. Um your house sounds like it was built by the same people who built my house. Strange goings on - did you know how to build at all??? Thankfully most of the really odd things have been addressed now. The decks and front landing are next year's project. They are built on a combination of rock outcroppings, stacked (and crumbling) bricks and a few pavers thrown in for good measure. LOL!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my grain sack desk!


    1. Weird... Anne. LOL maybe they are related. I left out the part where my spouse had to pour a strip of concrete for the porch. When he removed the unattached wall, a section of it was resting on a couple of bricks and a cut piece of cinderblock not attached to the porch's concrete floor or anything for that matter. I'm glad the roof was still up because only gravity was holding it.

  2. Wow, you have been busy. Knowing you and your past projects ....I am sure this will be a good one!!

  3. It looks like you are not getting much rest. It will be a great addition to the house when you are done. And much less critical for the use of the house than kitchen and bathroom remodelling.

    1. Yes, Anne, that's why we did the bathroom, kitchen, and the front of the house first. Now we can work on the back porch, backyard, some rooms that are in the carport etcetera. This large area was completely closed and contains the laundry washer and dryer. Right now, because we live in the desert, there is dirt, sand, and small critters visiting.

  4. This is going to be an exciting project! It's amazing the construction blunder some people make! But I have faith in your hability to turn any place into something gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Magali. Yes, some amazing blunders and hidden gems. Everything is less crucial now that the inside and front is done. We can take a slower pace.

  5. It is going to be wonderful when you get it all done. Hugs, marty


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