13 April 2013

Potting Shed

We started our porch project, but there are lots of projects around here and some of it takes motivation to get started.

A lot of this one will involve decluttering, organizing, and painting the floor, walls, and ceilings and building some new upper shelving, though it's there already.

I have some photos.

This annex or potting shed off the carport is quite large.  I even have my old side by side refrigerator that took up half a kitchen wall in here.  I couldn't get a good photo of the size of this room....  Hmmmm

A close up.  There's the lighting I have planned.

And some accessories like the old champagne bottle and the Moravian lantern.

And looked where I placed my angels. 

It has some really nice features like the ceiling and the walls.

Of course we don't need it for planting in the rocky soil of the backyard just yet, but I need to organize our tools, art supplies, and garden tools and other stuff.
 What do you think?
Do you have a mess to organize or beautify?  I need to organize this, because this is one of those out buildings and small cottage living is different than 2700 feet with a casita and a two car garage to stuff.  I gave away nice furniture to my siblings, but I loaded the crap into boxes to deal with later.  Later is here.  I hope to make this into a clean and organized area.


  1. YIKES - don't envy you cleaning that lot out! LOVE your inspiration photo. Happy Saturday!

  2. Thanks for popping over!! I hope your w/d hang in there for you til you can get what you want :)

  3. I love that inspiration pic too. I have had to be so careful as we really do not have any good storage spots. I keep purging on an annual basis when they have the 'big pick-up' here which means basically you can dump all your junk on the side of the road. It becomes a big "picking" festival as cars go up and down the roads looking for good junk.
    We don't have a garage and our little garden shed is going to have to come down this year before it falls down. A new one is on the list..... the very long list. ;)

    1. So true! It seems like the list is never ending. Doesn't it?

      I have to clean this out before I can go any further on the porch. Cleaning out this room will create a vacuum; it will then quickly fill and the porch will be empty ;)

  4. I have a very messy garage and a huge closet completely full to the brim... I wish I had your courage to tackle this mess!


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