26 April 2013

Potting Shed 5... Reveal

Creating a Potting Shed


Blue and White Ceiling

I had all these vases, pots, and baskets.  I use to use them in our outdoor dining room at our former home.The center painting is a retablo.  I decided on metal shelves because of the dust and sand; notice I turn some things upside down to keep the dust down.  Some of the upright ones are storage.  The cabinets are salvaged.

 These cabinets were salvaged and refitted to this home; they were part of an obsolete media unit. We cut pieces off of the upper cabinets to give them a finished, custom look.
I like the patina on this cement floor, and I will probably leave it. (The side by side refrigerator is still on the right.)

We added ceramic knobs in my favorite accent color.

These wire shelves were our only purchase besides the knobs.  They are not as sturdy as the Easy Track.  Note, I needed three brackets per shelf for strength.  The knobs and the shelves together cost about 125 dollars.  The knobs look a lot like Anthropologie's, but not as refined;  they came from World Market, and they are inexpensive.

This window needs to be replaced; we can do it, because it is not custom, though it has to be ordered.  The duct tape is on there because the glass is separating from the wood.  I'm going to try to do something with it though.  Maybe I can remove the glass and use it like a shutter over the new one. 

Stone Remnant for Countertop

This is cantera stone.  The stone is similar to limestone; it can be carved, and it is quarried in North America.  These were remnants from pool coping and tile, and the stone fit perfectly to finish the countertop.

Sunset Magazine's Western Garden Book and Mary Irish's Arizona Garden Guide are really great.  I've had them about ten years now.  I studied them when I had a desert garden of natives or near natives.  Now we have no restrictions, so we have an expanded plant choice of drought tolerant species when we get around to the backyard.

Vases and Drink Bottles for Vases

Install Shelving

My spouse still has to move the tools to the now empty bins.  Formerly these contained papers, and I threw a lot of them away.  These shelves go from the floor to the ceiling and can hold a lot of weight per shelf, because it the brand is Easy Track.

Creative Ways to Use Curtain Rods

I made the paper and ribbon holder rod with leftover curtain rods.  The hooks are leftover from an IKEA project.  This was so simple to do, and I will explain it in another post.
That's all the ribbon I could find for now; it has gone missing.
This is more than a potting shed for us; this small space is also a workshop, a craft area, a storage area, and a place for our still functional, older refrigerator/freezer.

I have many candles.  Can you guess where I store them?  Why?

The cabinets contain toys, extra baking sheets, serving trays, and vases.
The floor to ceiling shelf area is for tool storage.

I still have some projects I want to do, but it is certainly done enough now to reveal it.

The only expense was the new shelves over the cabinets and the knobs.  

Before a Room Off the Carport

And here is my inspiration from Pinterest.

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  1. Wow! Amazing! I love it, the perfect place. And that Angel is beautiful. Thanks for sharing it


  2. Love it! Organization at it's best! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Do you store your candles in the fridge, so they won't melt??

    1. Thank you, that's correct! I have left a box outside and they melted into a gooey, oily soup, and also I even had some handmade tapers bend, because I turned the AC off in the house, and the temperature reached the high 80s while away.

  4. What an amazing space either to garden or to craft! I was going to say the candles were in the fridge because of the heat, but I see someone was quicker than me! I can't believe it's already so hot where you live. My boiler is out of work during the renovation phase and I had to get up in the middle of the night last night to put on a sweater: I was so cold I couldn't sleep!

    1. Being cold is worse than being hot! I hope it gets turned on soon. You have had enough adventure for awhile! At least that type!

  5. Great job! You'll have so much fun using this shed now.

    Have a happy weekend!


    1. Thank you, Anne. I can get it in now! Have a great weekend!

  6. Again you've created something gorgeous!
    What an amazing space - keep showing John all the things you do - it makes him nervous lol

  7. What a wonderful use of that space. It looks fantastic! I love the blue and white ceiling. And everything is so orderly!

    1. Thank you, Linden Townhouse. I hope all went well at Ikea this past weekend.

  8. You've turned this into a fantastic space!!

  9. I´m deeply impressed again . You really turn things around in your home to a brilliant outcome.

    I have now challenged you in my blog to write about bumblebee´s - I know butterflies are your favorite , but they happen to like much of the same things. The reason for the challenge is the sharp decline in the numbers bumblebees around the world and we need them to produce our food. Take on the challenge if you are curious and would like to share your thoughts about it. No worries if you are not into challenges :)


  10. Beautiful transformation of your shed! So neat and clean, thanks for stopping by my blog and your nice comment!

  11. Wow this is awesome! You've been busy! I would love to have something like this at my house. So much storage and it is so neat and organized! I love the repurposed cabinets, such a great idea for reusing a type of furniture that is commonly discarded nowadays. I'm impressed. :)

  12. It looks amazing! I'm inspired to tackle my shed now! ~Angela~

  13. Really amazed!!! i Like the glass removing with shutter..Really innovative application...


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