10 April 2013


About a week ago or so we removed the rotted, sleeping porch wall and installed new support beams that are attached to the patio and the beam; the rotted wall was caused by a previous owner that poured a patio higher than the house.  A NO, NO.

(I used an effect to cover some of the mess or to make it look like a party.  This porch was one of the staging areas for all the interior work.)

 If there was any doubt about whether or not to close it up or leave it open, it was answered yesterday!

Yesterday, the winds kicked up, and a dust storm rolled in bringing sideways rain; there is mud all over the laundry area. The wet triggered a ground fault breaker, but it was hours... and hours before I realized the large refrigerator and freezer were off and defrosted.

I didn't bother to take a photo of it.  Could it look worse than above???

So just as I was beginning to like the open three sided "porch", I've changed my mind. We need to put the wall back up on the back porch straight-away. 

The porch has some nice qualities: cement floor, beamed ceiling, and exposed cement blocks.

Before it had a door and it also had four large screened windows that the cats removed for us.  

That walkway and the cement patio have been removed in this photo.  Also this photo doesn't show the entire porch.  I guess I never thought it a good photo.  I wonder why!

See that beautiful lemon tree...  It's not a good idea to plant a tree next to a house.  I have to see if anyone can move it or otherwise I have to cut it down.  It's hard to dig in rock, so most likely I will be geting a sapling for planting somewhere else in the yard.

So I will show you some inspiration photos from Pinterest, because if one doesn't have vision it would be difficult to figure out what to do with this mess.

The original source seems to be Heartbeatoz.tumblr.com

Instead of four windows and a door, we are going to put in two sets of French doors.

The next one one can view from my Pinterest page
Andrew Skurman Architects

That home is much bigger than mine, but the idea of just two sets of doors will work.

The fun part of course will be decorating the space when it is all done.

Do you like porches?
I didn't have porches at my last home; I had a walled courtyard, patios, and covered lanai. In fact all the western homes I've lived in were new or newer than this and didn't have one.

Pros and Cons
 A screened porch won't work because of the dust storms; it would need to be screened and shuttered.
French doors usually open in, so we need to figure out if we can change that too, because doors take floor space.  French door styles tend not to have screens to let the cooler air in on a nice days.  Hmmmm
 Two sets of French doors are less money and the cats can't rip them apart.


  1. I love porches. Our current home lacks a porch. I do wish we had one to sit on in the evening.

    1. It would be a nice spot to sit on a summer evening.

  2. I adore porches. Look for garden doors rather than French doors. Garden doors open outward.

    Sorry about your freezers. That's such a drag.

    It will be fabulous when you're done! My plumber is coming tomorrow and my 3 years of bathroom renovation are coming to a close. HOORAY.

    1. Yes! On the bathroom being finished!

      And thank you so much, I'll look for garden doors. I had no idea there was a different name for them, and was wondering how it the world I could get some or adjust them to go the other way!

  3. You made me laugh - the cats took care of the screens LMHO.............
    I can't wait to see what you do - 2 sets of french doors?
    OMG - I. CAN'T. WAIT.

  4. I love it! ('I used an effect to cover up some of the mess or make it look like a party.') LOL That's what I should do with my house! Great idea. :-)

    Thanks for stopping in today.

    1. Thank you, Cranberry Morning. Funny. I knew some would relate.

  5. Oh another project...yippeeeeeee!!
    Sue, can you please help me with my pinterest pinning problems?

    1. Thank you, Donna. I sent you an e-mail with an idea, but I'm using the old format as there seems to be bugs with the new one.

  6. I love both your inspiration photos.

    It sounds like your project is going to be a "domino" project with one thing leading into another. But when you are finished, if you follow either of your Pinterest ideas, it will be amazing.

    good luck!

    1. Thank you, Art and Sand. You have such a cute title.

  7. I love that you have a new project, I know it's going to be fascinating to follow your steps. The beams are really great and make for a great start!

    1. Thanks, Magali. Yes, the beamed ceiling is really nice.

  8. I think you will really enjoy the porch being enclosed. In our previous home, we turned a screened patio (we live in AZ -- then and now -- and know all about dust storms) into a sunroom. We had 2 open-sides to work with, and went with large double-hung windows on one side and a HUGE slider on the other. We had French doors with the blind inserts on the two openings from the main house into the sunroom & that worked very well. Those were left open most of the time. It was so great to have it all open but be able to close it to the dust. If you do like the French door look but are concerned about how much space they take up when open, you can get a sliding version & with screens. Look forward to seeing what you come up!

    1. Thanks, Carol. I noticed that some of the sliders look like French doors! I also like the French door with one fixed, I had that on a casita in the past, but it must of been custom because I haven't seen that in stock (which is much less than ordering).


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