05 April 2013

Learning Spring Updater 2013

  I can't believe it's already April, so I decided to glance back on what my daughter has explored and wrap up  what she accomplished these past few months since Christmas, because intertwined with the remodeling here, my child learns at home.

Some Reading
She has been doing a lot of reading.  She definitely would recommend the Wrinkle in Time series.  This is her second or third time through.  She also loves Gerald Durrell's My Family and Other Animals; she has read this book so many times that she needs a new copy because it is tattered.  She also read Anne Frank and Wuthering Heights, and reread The Little Prince.  This week she is currently reading A Time Machine by H.G. Wells and going through the short stories of O'Henry again.  She also read an essay by Margaret Thatcher.  

With her mentor she read and studied Death of Salesman, and she is working on an essay.

Visual Arts
She redesigned her bike.

She made her own toys out of scraps of beams.


She did an SAT review only because she wanted to.  She also played a fun math game, but it was easy for her; she finished in a week, but she recommends it because it's fun with real-life calculations.  It is called Ko's Journey.  I think it is a three month curriculum that reviews math concepts through the 8th grade.  She may write a review.  She is doing math review and geometry because she finished high school algebra 1,2 and advanced awhile back.  We are still figuring this out; she wants do some fun applications with math.


She won 3rd in a piano competition with international judges, and she did exceptionally well in a concerto competition and in which she competed against older students for the first time. The second competition was sort of nice, because you compete against yourself in that the performer receives a percentage.  She captured the spirit of the music which is important and scored really high, but alas there is only one place.  


She entered a writing contest and won.  She is going to be in a magazine in a few months and when it is out we will tell everyone.    

She is halfway through Chemistry and almost finished her i-pad Biology book.

More Learning Experiences

She danced in the Nutcracker.

We saw Carnival of the Animals by Saint Seine, Diversions, and a ballet set to the music of Philip Glass.

We saw an international piano competition and she was able to meet some world class pianists.

After much persistence, she learned to roller-skate.

She learned to horseback ride.  

She is teaching herself to sew. She made two pillows and one was a gift for her chess teacher who is having a baby.  

She helped take care of her little cousin when she was here for a week.

She gave input into my kitchen design!  She enjoys getting to bake again, instead of purchasing gluten-free products.

In addition to piano she is still singing, dancing, painting, and playing chess.

Just For Fun
One weekend day, almost every week, my husband and my daughter go out with his friend and his daughter.  They do all sorts of things together like golfing, biking, swimming, painting, photography, playing with kitties, etcetera.

Sometimes I don't think we are doing much because of the way we have chosen to educate, but when I write some of it out, I see that she has a rich, self-directed and mentored learning experience.  I also cannot believe how much we  have done even while fixing this place up!

The learning can be found at this address: Explorative Learning and my daughter's place.

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  1. congratulations to your lovely and talented girl! and to you for providing her with such wonderful opportunities.

    1. Thank you, Sarah. I hope I didn't make it sound like it was all my doing. It is not all mine, we have a few friends that are retired from their field or not working in their field that also help us with her education. And as you know from your experience, it is standing back and letting the child follow what motivates them whether it is long term goal or a short goal.

  2. Your daughter seems to be getting a very good education and you and your husband are doing a fine job educating her.

    1. Thank you, Shannon for your kind words.

  3. But what about her social development??? (LOL). Don't you just love it that people still ask (I'm assuming) that stupid question even when your kid is involved in so many things and excelling! We homeschooled for 21 years and it always amazed me that people could see all that we did and places we traveled and how much our kids learned and how they did not pick up bad behaviors from a classroom of kids who were trying to emulate their peers...and yet still asked that question.

    Good for you. Sounds like your child is thriving!

    1. That's so funny, Cranberry Morning! It is a ridiculous question when one hears it, and we have heard it, especially at piano events, even when other kids are first and second. LOL She shocks them when she tells them that she takes piano, but also singing, and dancing and other fun activities. We have come to learn that most children that play piano at her level only have time for piano and academics, and one can see it by the way they carry themselves and their socialization. LOL Socialization among piano girls is the worse. Boys are much nicer, but then you have to deal with the parents who think only boys are great pianists!

  4. Sounds like your daughter is getting all she needs to be a well rounded student. Lots of great experiences in a fun and safe learning environment. Not sure I could have done this but you are doing a great job. So glad that she is doing so well.

  5. Wonderful job on a well rounded daughter.


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