22 April 2013

Foyer Organization in a Small Space

I am still working on the potting shed project and hopefully, I will have a photo of the progress soon.  The two days I had time to work on it, some other small catastrophe happened, but it was resolved and not too major an expense.  

There was some negative pressure in the sewer system, but we caught it early, before it backed up.  I called my dad and he talked us through it and helped us determine that we needed to call the plumber.  (My dad lives 3000 miles from here.) The plumber said these things happen on older and new homes and it is hit or miss.  Some people think they will escape all expenses with a newer home, but not this particular one; it just happens sometimes like in my aunt's newer home. It's best never to leave laundry or a dishwasher unattended.  

Do you have a small home that opens directly into the living room?  If you do, maybe you  have figured out how to use the space by the door, but maybe you have not, because it's tricky.  At least it was tricky for me.  

This home has no room for one of those mudroom organizers that Pottery Barn and Ikea sell.  It would block the door or it would have to go beside the couch, which wouldn't work because that is my living room space.
The blue door is the entrance to my living room, and as you can see there is no foyer.
The furniture orientation of this room was determined by the sofa and the almost eight-foot piano. There was only one way to fit the piano in this room with an orientation open to the room, which is the wall with the floral painting and floral images.  When you come into the house from the front door you enter the living room or our music room.
Here's another photo showing the piano's location. This particular photo was taken around Easter and since then the candy and plant has been cleared, because we normally need this space, and it is too cluttered for my liking.

We all use this desk, but it belongs to no one in particular.  It's just centrally located, and from it, one can see the kitchen, the porches, living room, and dining room.

I didn't always have chairs on either side of the desk.  But as you can see, there are good size spaces there without the desks.  Guess what happened?

Stuff would pile up on either side of the desk, because it was the entrance.  Ballet, singing, music bags, shoes, scarves, and dirty clothes were all dropped here.  So I decided to move two of my chairs over here, and I placed baskets beneath them.  Now there is a place to don and remove shoes, and there are containers to stash stuff.  Multiple bags are not collecting here anymore.  I created a foyer.

And there is a Santos of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, standing by the door.
Nearly all our visitors admire him.  He is hand-carved and probably from Mexico.
He is a little touch of folk, Spanish influence in the southwest.

Baskets won't work for everyone, because some hate looking through them. But my family is the type that just likes to stash things in a hurry, so it works for us.

To be honest, it really was not an issue in my former home, because it was large and there was only three of us, but living in a smaller space organization is an issue.  No one likes to trip or not have a path as they go to or from the front door.

If you have a foyer or no foyer, how have you handled it?


  1. Oh I'm so glad someone enclosed the tiny front porch on my house somewhere along the way. It's only 6x6 but it gives me room for a closet organizer and a table and bench. My living room is so narrow and has 4 doorways. Don't know what I would do!

    Thanks for popping over to my laundry room again! You're such a sweetie! xox

    1. Your porch sounds cute and handy, Anne.

  2. I like the little "foyer" that you have created! In our small townhouse, the front door also opens directly into the living area, but we rarely use this front door. We have a tuck-under garage, and there is a staircase from the garage to our first level. That door opens into the dining area. So the garage itself is a kind of mudroom, especially in our snowy climate. We take our boots off down there. We have a small coat closet here, but my hubby built shelves in it so I would have a place for photo albums and some craft supplies. So for our coats, I ordered antique hooks from eBay, and Hubby made a coat rack with them. When we do have guests in snowy weather who use the front door, I put down a plastic boot tray so they can remove their boots.

    1. What a great idea to use antique hooks to make a coat rack! A few hooks might help my daughter in her room keep some things off the floor.

  3. Your baskets look great! (and your 'Santos', too :) We have a tiny kitchen that our back door opens into-that's the entrance we use. I placed a small bookcase there with little baskets to grab our keys, gloves, etc. because there's not room for anything larger. You gotta work with what you got! :)

    1. Thank you, Susan, that's true. That's a great idea and it sounds cute!


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