24 April 2013

Cosanti II

By the time we returned from my daughter's lesson with her literature professor, it was too HOT to work on the potting shed.  Tomorrow it might drop to the mid-eighties, so I might make progress.
In the meantime, now that my spouse has removed the rotted wall of the sleeping porch, he has  begun framing for French doors that will take the place of four windows and a door. 

In the meantime, I have more of my daughter's photos from Cosanti.
What do you think of Paolo Soleri's workshop?

Wind chimes are made here, and each one has a beautiful tone. My daughter was ringing them, listening to them, and telling us what notes they sang.  See the red on the ceiling...

this is one of many interesting ceilings here.

A hand-cast wind chime.  The walls are amazing.

But even on a hot day, it is comfortable inside these walls, and yet one is still connected to nature.


  1. wow, looks phenomenal. I find wind chimes fascinating. We were at a ski hill this year that had the remainders of ski poles hanging from a tree, cut into varying lengths. It was so fun to hear the results of this little recycling project and it got me thinking about the possibilities in my garden.

    1. Thank you, Donna. That sounds interesting and an artistic way to use something that is no longer used.

  2. Man I wish it was that hot here, we still had snow falling last week. By the way I love the new header.


  3. Amazing photos and good story about the windchimes.


  4. It is cold here this morning. Frost on the ground cold.
    Absolutely beautiful pictures. I Love windchimes and how they all sound different. I bought one last year made from old silverware.
    You left acomment (thanks) about the Ball jars. Yes, they are blue. I haven't unpacked them but it seems that they are a bit of a different blue than the old ones.

  5. What a fascinating and earthy space! Makes me want to hear wind chimes too! So nice that you stopped by! Hope you're having a great day!

  6. It looks like a fascinating place, I can just imagine all the bells creating music at the same time!


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