03 March 2013


So much thought goes into planning a kitchen, not just the plans and the artistic side, but the emotional side. What kind of fun projects can we do together in the kitchen?  Could we have parties in this small cottage?  And then there are the pretend menus...

It's been a year since we found this place, and we are looking forward to a second year with   memories made in this kitchen.  

On the stove, my spouse is boiling some rice noodles for my daughter.  We are not cooking much, because we are still without a sink, but hopefully those jars will be filled soon and we will be making messes.

This stool is for my daughter to sit at the island.  With its small footprint, this seat takes up less space then my French-style counter chairs besides, it's fun because one can spin.

In a small kitchen or cottage, an armoire is handy for storage and organization.  Right now, it is holding some of the things that will go into the cupboards and the shelves.  I am so looking forward to organizing my shelves and my armoire.

We removed a lot of the kitchen wall,  and my spouse made a faux beam to connect the two rooms.  He mirrored the one in the hallway, and even though it is a bigger arch, it looks like it has always been here.  He did such a good job.

See it back there... that's the white arch he copied... The closet is hidden from this angle.

We were able to open the kitchen to the dining room and music room.  Now everyone can be part of the activity when someone cooks.

These photos don't do the space justice, because I was trying to avoid taking photos of the cabinet boxes and the sink box, so I didn't capture all three spaces at once: dining, kitchen, and music.

It's just so close to being finished that it feels like we are confusing our holidays.


  1. what a beautiful and comfortable space. Looks like there are many great memories made there.


    Creative Raisins

  2. Sure love how the kitchen is all coming together. What a fab spot now:)

  3. It's looking great! Love the armoire!

  4. Your kitchen is going to be so great when you're done! :D We were without a sink two weeks ago for about a week, and I couldn't function. Hang in there!

  5. It's already looking very promising. It's going to be a comfortable cute cottage kitchen, I'm sure. I love the island.

  6. How exciting to be so close to finished! It's going to be just beautiful.

  7. Your kitchen is looking wonderful.

  8. It is looking awesome. Waiting to see it all finished...:)


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