23 March 2013

Some Green Kitchen

Some Green is Easy these Days

When we remodeled the kitchen we didn't intentionally try to be green
but if that is important it is easier to take that into consideration as
compared to a couple of years ago, without necessarily spending extra.  

Is a copper sink practical?
It's green and antimicrobial.  It will last hundreds of years ;) And if copper scratches or stains, in time it heals itself with oxidation.   All I have to do is wipe it dry.

Why does a satin nickel faucet look good with a copper sink?
Jewelry.  Southwest jewelry mixes tarnished silver and copper all the time.

How's the SMEG?  
It's adorable! The refrigerator portion is spacious and probably as big or bigger than the space in my side by side, and it's quiet.  I think I read somewhere in reviews, that it takes only about fifty dollars a year to run!  
The refrigerator is a modern Italian refrigerator that looks vintage and the letters stand for
Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla.
What is the floor?
It's the original cement floor.  Builders put colored concrete in desert homes in the 40s and 50s, because the floors are cool to the touch and hide dirt.  The original color is a copper shade, but in the kitchen and dining area of our home the surface was so damaged that we painted them SW Fawn Brindle and put an epoxy over that.  All I have to do to clean is wipe with a damp cloth, and it cleans instantly.  I've seen it in high end homes.

Why no dishwasher and disposal?
It would of taken more than a whole cabinet and shifted everything down a bit which meant a smaller sink and much less storage, and there is only 91 inches on each side.  There are only three of us, so there are not a lot of dishes. Besides, the farmhouse style sink is deep enough that it doesn't reveal dirty dishes!  (If I change my mind I can get a portable that will fit under the sink; it costs a lot less and gets better reviews than small dishwashers  and it costs less.)

Also, some people don't want a garbage disposal so they can compost although I am not to that point even though I plan to garden.
I don't have a disposal.  My father is a plumber and doesn't care for disposals, dishwashers, and inside hot tubs.  He is concerned about cleanliness. 

Are counter-tops imported?
If you only have a small amount of counter space for example, less than a half of slab, visit your local fabricator's remnant yard to look at stone remnants.  That's where the leftover pieces go from big kitchen remodels.  That's where I bought the Carrara marble for the refrigerator/stove side of the kitchen.

What do the numbers over the door mean?
The year the house was built.  That was my daughter's idea.  When I made my inspiration board, I involved her in the design process.  The numbers are thin and made of iron, and iron is soft enough to drill through, though mine are hung with velcro because the walls are concrete.

How hard is it to install bead-board plank walls and ceiling?
It's difficult if your walls and ceiling are not plumb.  The secret was to make sure the grooves matched the ceiling and the walls.  The material is inexpensive.  My spouse installed, because it is labor intensive and it would have cost a pretty penny for someone to do it for us.  Our walls and ceilings are out of plumb one inch on the walls and ceilings and 3 inches behind the sink.  That means they hung the cabinets from wood and we received extra depth on the countertops.

What are the paint colors?
The cabinet is Thomasville Cabot KCMA certified and the color is Dover
The walls are SW Light French Gray
The floor is SW Fawn Brindle Cement Paint with a clear epoxy over it
The white trim is SW Snowbound
The dining room is Gateway Gray
These SW HGTV Home Green Sure paints seem to have no odor compared to paints I've used in the past.

What are your appliances?
30 inch natural gas Electrolux Icon stove and hood
Breville medium size toaster oven ( a gift from my parents) This is nice for a small family because one does not have to use the big oven sometimes.
SMEG refrigerator in Pastel Blue
We have a microwave on the porch, but we never want to use one again for cooking or heating after being without a kitchen for about a year!

Is it difficult to keep the dishes clean on open shelves?
No, I turn the cups and glasses upside down.  The plates are every day IKEA dishes, so something is always used from the top.  It is also so easy to serve and put everything away.  It encourages one to be organized.  My spouse is organized, but my daughter and I are the creative type, so it helps us to see things.

A small detail that makes you smile.
The cross handles on the faucet.

What are you most proud of?
The refrigerator and the stove side of the room.
My spouse and I fabricated the entire shelving and "cabinet" space for about 300 dollars, which saved us 7000 dollars in cabinets and allowed us to finish sooner.
The kitchen would still be only halfway done if I had not thought of this.

We are...
Kelli and Kristi LollyJane
Anita Cedar Hill Ranch Linsey Farmhouse Porch

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  1. It really does look just amazing. You guys did a fantastic job. I am even more impressed that it's green!

  2. I absolutely love that kitchen! and that refrigerator. :-)

    1. Thank you, Cranberry Morning. The refrigerator is just so darn cute! ;)

  3. Hello SJohnson. Glad to meet you.
    This is my first visit to your blog and I love your simplicity :)
    I have yet to explore more of your blog but I'm loving it so much already.
    Wishing you all the best!

  4. The sink is just amazing. The colour, the deep shape... And I love the original floor. Do you know that conrete floors are all the rage right now in France? The whole kitchen is now magazine worthy.

    1. Thank you, Magali. :) I did not know about the floors in France!

  5. I am in love with your kitchen and making it green is so neat!!!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :)
    Have a great week!!

  6. You know I love your kitchen and I'm seriously in love with your fridge. So. Stinkin. Cute. I didn't realize you had concrete walls and floors! Very interesting! Well, I look forward to seeing what you're going to do next. Do you have another project in mind?


    1. Thank you, Angela. Oh my gosh, Angela, I've another one or maybe two years of projects! I've been working on a post.

  7. Oh, I'm SO glad you commented at Cranberry Morning. I have been thinking and thinking about your gorgeous kitchen and yet I couldn't remember whose it was! I want to pin the photos. I rarely see a kitchen I like better. It's beautiful. :-)

    1. Thank you, Cranberry Morning, for the kind complements.

  8. I have just stumbled across your beautiful blog. Your home is so nice; right up my alley! Can you tell me where you got the glass canister set beside the fridge? They are lovely!

    1. Thank you, Karina. I picked them up at at Mexican import and vintage store. The ones I have are hand blown and the lids are really heavy. If you google Mexican glass with pewter lids some links come up. La Fuente has them, but not a a lot of choices in regards to lids. The last time I checked e-bay there was a good selection of glasses and lids with good prices. Another option is Casa Cotes a brand on Overstock; the lids don't look quite the same, but they are similar.

  9. So interesting, I like the way you think


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