21 March 2013

Kitchen on Budget

What was your kitchen budget?

What is the breakdown?
The left side: stove, refrigerator, hood, counters, small islands, baskets, shelves, two lights, and center island cost 5700.  We purchased the stove and hood at a fantastic Sear's sale
and then put them on lay-away.  We IKEA hacked the cabinets.
I already had the baskets.

The right side: sink, faucet, countertops, cabinets cost 6100.

The bead-board planks, molding, and baseboard cost about 300.
We bought the bead-board on clearance for an unbelievable price.
We needed one can of paint.  We already had the ceiling paint, because
we bought it for the entire house.

Electrician: 400 for moving outlets and adding some.  (That's a low amount, because the electrician did major work in 2012 on the entire house to bring it to code before we could even begin physical work on the kitchen.  So this was easy, because all the prep work was done.)

Knobs were 130 from RH.  If you order from the store there is no shipping.  I only needed nine, and I bought them when they were 25 percent off.

The door and the Breville toaster were gifts.

How did we keep the costs that low?
1.  Well we budgeted the money and knew how much we could spend, and we did most of the work except electricity, plumbing, and the installation of the cabinets and the counter-top on the sink side of the kitchen.  My husband helped with the sink and installed the faucet.

2.  We removed a non support wall, but we did not move the plumbing or change the structure.  We moved the refrigerator to the opposite side.  In other words we gently changed the footprint, but not enough to cause major plumbing and electrical rerouting.

3.  Our own IKEA hack, stone remnant, and building shelves saved us
7000 in cabinets on the refrigerator-stove side.

4.  I'm sure we saved ourselves a pretty penny by being our own designer, contractor, and
non licensed laborer.  I am artistic, and this is the fifth kitchen I've completed, and when my spouse was a kid he worked with his father in carpentry and construction, so we are a good team.  (I also realize designers and contractors can save one money, if one is unsure of their tastes or don't know what they are doing.)  We knew our limitations; we paid professionals to bring the plumbing and electrical systems on this house to code before starting the kitchen and bathroom.

Did you go over budget?
Yes, by a little over six-hundred dollars.
Keep in mind this is an entirely new kitchen with new appliances.  There was nothing that could be salvaged from the other kitchen.

I don't think I really could of saved money any where except on less expensive appliances and maybe all wood counters instead of stone on the sink side.  I found the faucet for under 400 and its knock off is 200.  The sink I found at unbelievable price, and  the gauge is thick, so it is quiet.  It was far less than some other name brands which can be over 1000 these days.

The main thing is that there is nothing to pay on the kitchen.  One does not need to pay a designer if you are: savvy, handy, precise at measurement, flexible in regards to plans, and are okay with where the plumbing and electricity are located.


  1. It's such a beautiful kitchen - and just amazing that you only went over budget by 600 dollars!!!
    You did an incredible job :)

  2. Your kitchen is lovely, and I think you did it on an amazing budget! I love the look of different finishes that you used. Frankly, I just can't believe the costs that some kitchens come in at! It seems that kitchen renovation is an area that is vastly overpriced for the consumer. I don't necessarily mean the labor, but the actual products that are purchased. When you look at what we are getting with cabinets-just basically a simple box with a door.....well, it's very expensive. It's nothing to get quotes of $25,00-30,00 for kitchens these days!

    I think your beautiful, unique kitchen would cost most people a pretty penny!

    1. Thank you, Linden. You are so right on the price of the cabinets without the labor! Outrageous, considering they often lowball it the first time with just pressed wood and wrapped doors as if that was not shocking enough!

  3. Wow! It's amazing you were able to have that now beautiful kitchen and keep your budget. I can only hope I'll be able to do the same when I'll be tackling the kitchen... I won't be able to do as much DIY as you, though.

  4. I totally adore you kitchen and you did such a fabulous job of redoing it. Hugs, Marty

  5. I'm in love with your big sink. It's my favorite piece and elevates everything else in the room with it's grand style. Excellent, excellent make-over on a real budget. Thanks. JDJ


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