10 March 2013

Kitchen Love

First of all I think I figured out what is wrong with my blog. It doesn't seem to run right if I use Google chrome as my browser.  I have been having trouble posting and responding.   But for whatever reason, I can respond from Firefox.

On Thursday the granite installer came and put in the countertop and the sink itself.  The sink floats

On Friday the cabinet installer came to install the last cabinet!

On Saturday my spouse put the faucet in, because the granite installer made the holes when he installed the counters.

Since the plumbing for the entire house was updated in 2012, about a year ago, all that he needed to do was place it in the holes, tape, putty, hook up the trap and flexible lines.

I finished painting the crown molding and my spouse finished hanging it.
We also painted the threshold of the door because it was messed up when we did the epoxy to the original cement floors.

My daughter wanted to make cookies, and
I thought she wanted to do clovers for St. Patrick's day.  No........
For kitchen love!

One of has to eat gluten-free.  This is the best sugar cookie we have come across, because they were buttery, and most importantly if one let them cool properly, they held together and harden enough to take frosting.

Best Gluten Free Cookie Cutter Cookies

Source: landolakes.com via S on Pinterest

This Star Cut Out recipe is from Land O Lakes.

They do NOT taste Gluten-Free!
Thank you, Land O Lakes!
So much happiness in a cookie!  Believe me.

Kitchen photos coming soon!
I have to put the dishes on the shelves.


  1. Thanks for sharing the link because I like gluten-free options. :D

  2. How cute....hearts for kitchen love!

  3. How sweet of her. I am sure she is loving the new kitchen. I know my kids were happy to see a new kitchen reno...well, my daughter was. Interestingly enough my son had other ideas for money spent on the kitchen. :)
    Is that a boy thing I wonder?

  4. Oh, I can't wait to see those pictures, so much work seems to have been made during the previous week! You must be so happy.

  5. I will have to check out this recipe. It looks good!


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