03 February 2013

Trim Work

First, I want to say that the granite is not that expensive.

It helps that we need only 17 square feet with a four inch backsplash; a  taller backsplash would have been more contemporary, and we want to keep the feel of a 70 year old cottage.

I splurged and selected the highest grade granite only because I wanted something that was whiter, not better; it could of been a few hundred less if I had picked a 2 or a 1.  It will only be 1200 because I  also picked the eased edge which is included.  That saves!

I also posted about the marble.  I found the marble at a fabricator; it was a remnant, so it cost 80 dollars plus a little over 200 dollars to fabricate.  So there are ways to achieve stone counters for less.  

I also considered wooden counters with a white subway tile because it looks farmhouse.  It reminds me of something one would see on a boat, but so affordable.  IKEA sells the wood-counter tops, and subway tile is easy to install because it comes on sheets.  (We installed the subway tile in our bathroom.)

We did some work on the other side of the kitchen today; that's the side we are doing ourselves. 
We finished the bead-board on the ceiling and the baseboard then moved these into place to do some measuring for the hood and cafe shelves.  I am going to paint the baseboard, not the trim the same as the walls, so it seamless.
We built cafe shelving.

There are numerous tutorials on the internet, so I won't go into  major detail on how to, but it is
easy and inexpensive. Purchase board in the desired thickness; we chose a smooth pine, because it is easier to paint.  Next, we attached three mitered moldings that we cut with the power saw. (One can leave off the mitered pieces if one desires simpler shelves.) We then glued and nailed the moldings with the nail gun and attached two fabricated brackets from Home Depot.  All together, we built four cafe shelves, each 18 inches long, with brackets for about 56 dollars.  We made them because they don't come in the size we need.  Shelves like these are about 90 dollars and up per shelf.  This is easy.  If one is handy it doesn't take long.  One hour at the most.  It is even easier to build with no molding.

I am going to paint them French Gray.  The same as the wall because I want them to blend in.

I wanted a classic looking cafe shelf, but we could of used barn wood and no moldings with metal brackets for a rustic look.
We are still waiting for a part for the hood.  It's stainless, but it has a protective sticker on it.


  1. I love the fact that you are "walking" your readers through your thinking process at the same time. This will really help people attempting a kitchen renovation. I remember all the thinking that was involved in the decision making process for our kitchen renovation. It isn't easy but in the end there is a reason for your choices just as you demonstrate here. Doesn't mean it is the only possibility.
    You must be sooooo excited for this to all come together. I am really enjoying following your progress.

  2. Everything is looking wonderful so far. Can't wait to see more. Hugs, Marty

  3. I considered wood counters as well as I love the farmhouse look it gives a kitchen. But I tried them in my previous kitchen and no matter what people say, they are high maintenance when you cook a lot... So I don't think I'll go there when I'll redo the cottage's kitchen.

    1. I wouldn't do it either if I had that experience. Someone told me I needed to get a marine grade sealer, stuff they use on boats and it would be fine. But I imagine one would have to repeat that process.

      Granite and marble have to be resealed. Marble is much more maintenance than granite, that's why I only used it in one area. I don't want to do extra work.

      I like metal counters too, but they were about the same as stone. I did fantasize trying to do zinc ourselves to save, but decided we didn't need another trip to the emergency room for stitches. That would just offset the savings!

  4. It's really taking shape! Love how the granite looks on the little shelves by the stove, and all the beadboard -- love love love! Can't wait to see more! ~Angela~


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