04 February 2013

Temporarily Things Back In Place

We moved everything into position temporarily yesterday, so I could see if I wanted to keep the shelves that my spouse built natural or paint them the same color as the walls so they blend in.  That's why I took photos, ; photos help me see where I am going. The hood is still covered with a white, protective sticker because we are waiting for a part to finish the installation, and that's not attractive.  The hood's finish matches the stove.

I could do either. My daughter prefers natural, but for me it is too much color.

On the right side we have just enough remaining space to fit the narrow refrigerator when it arrives.

I need to take some more photos.  The platter did not come out because I had the light on.  It is hand-painted piece of pottery of a deer that I have had for ten years.  The tortoise shell jars will look pretty with the copper sink; it brings that color to this side of the room.  I've had these jars for ten years.

I think if I am going to paint the shelves it will be the same French gray as the bead-board that my husband installed, so they disappear or become seamless, but I realize either will work; it is a matter of preference, but there is no going back, so I will keep things the same for a few days.

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  1. It is coming together nicely. I think it would be nice to see the shelves painted the same as the wall color. :)

  2. So very pretty! And just to balance things out, I vote for keeping the shelves as they are :-)

  3. Thank you, Sarah and Jenny, it is a dilemma. I'll live with it a bit, because I can't change it back if I paint it. My spouse would need to build new shelves.

  4. I think paiting is a good idea for two reasons: it'll be esaier to maintain clean in a kicthen and the dishes you have on them will "pop" more, since the shelves will blend in the wall. It's amazing the progress you have made in your kitchen!

  5. This area looks totally amazing. Great job. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, marty

    1. Thank you, Marty for the encouragement.


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