01 February 2013

Some Cabinets Are In!

Coolest Little Kitchen Remodel

Some of the cabinets were installed yesterday.  That was exciting.

The one in front is the sink base for an apron sink, or as some call it a farmer's sink.
Some of the pieces ie. fillers and kick plate were missing; some of the pieces that we needed we paid for, but some we had not, so that meant 170 dollars more, yet the granite was overestimated, so we are getting 250 dollars back on that, plus another 29 dollars back on the boxes, because we are disposing of them ourselves.

It's okay that all the pieces are not here, because they cannot install the large upper cabinet on the right, because it rests on the granite, and the granite installation is at least two weeks away according to the fabricator who made a template.  The template is computerized these days.  I did not know that.

Cardboard counters for now.

There will be trim and moldings between the ceiling and walls,
but we can't do that until everything is in.

There is a shadow on that upper cabinet, that is not a line, it shows up only on camera.  I already inspected it.  :)

The cabinets are Thomasville and the color is Dover in a shaker style
that I can't find the name for right now.  
It is a light gray or a shade of white depending on light and what one puts next to it.
The walls are French Gray from SW.

He cut a hole in the cabinet for the sink.  The sink is handmade, so the cut looks irregular, but doesn't show when the sink is in.  The sink looked beautiful with the wall color and cabinet color chosen.

How to Install an Undermounted Sink

I asked about how hard it is to install the under-mounted apron sink.
The contractor said ours was easy.
Copper or stainless steel does not weigh as much as cast iron so it is easier to lift the sink in and out checking the measurements over and over to make the template to cut the cabinet.  Also installing it is a cinch if the stone is 3 centimeters because it just sets on the cabinet and the granite sets on top. The stone is heavy enough that it stays in place.  If it was 2 centimeter granite he would of had to build support.

In contrast, he said if it is a cast-iron apron sink that is under-mounted he has to build the support.  Moving a cast iron sink in and out to mount is arduous, because it is really heavy, and sometimes he has to do it ten maybe twenty times to position and measure before cutting the cabinet.
Cast-iron apron sinks are harder to install.

The easiest apron sinks to install are stainless and copper with 3 centimeter granite.
(Though it turned out a little tricky!)

I also noticed that the sink base cabinet, even with the sink installed, is so large that if we want we could store a portable dishwasher in it, something like this.  This holds six place settings and costs much less than narrow dishwashers or drawer dishwashers that don't always have the best reviews, considering how much more money they are than a regular dishwasher.

One might recall that we passed on a dishwasher because there are only three of us, many times just two because my spouse travels, and it doesn't make sense for us given the space and how many days it takes to fill.

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  1. Oh, how exciting! It's going to be beautiful. I saw you were featured on An Anglo In Quebec: congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Magali. I love your blog too!

  3. It is so exciting to see that your cabinets are being put in. It is going to looks so amazing once it is all done.

  4. Progress, looking fantastic. I agree on the dishwasher. It takes up a lot of space and if you don't really use it then that would be a real waste. I always found washing dishes was a good way to discuss the day, also feels therapeutic to me. :)

    1. Thank you, Donna. My reply is finally fixed!

      I agree. You make an excellent point.

  5. Everything is coming together nicely:) I have never seen a dishwasher like that before. Mine just broke and I was without for 3 days and hated it. I cook and bake from scratch and run my dishwasher sometimes 3 times a day. Good for you not needing one, that gives you more cupboard space:)

    1. Thank you, Dawn. My reply is finally fixed.

      We use to cook from scratch because one of us has a special diet, but our dishwasher never handled pots or pans. I didn't want to give up cabinet space in such a small kitchen, so if I get tired of washing I'll pick up one of those portable ones as some get better reviews than a drawer or a an 18 inch which can cost a lot more than a traditional sized dishwasher.

      Drawers are still cool, so they are overpriced; it didn't fit our budget :(

  6. Looks like you guys are getting everything together!! It's going to be gorgeous :) And my Dad used to joke that we had two dishwashers in our house - me and my sister, haha.

    1. That's funny My dad is a plumber and he use to say the same thing. But he never liked us to use the dishwasher because he thought they were always dirty on the inside even though there was one.

  7. Oh it is going to be so lovely! And granite - sigh. I'm a little bit jealous!

    1. My replay is finally fixed, so I apologize. Thank you for your comment.

      I your kitchen is small or the project is small one can pick up stone at a fabricator. They have remnants, odd pieces of slab. One pays for the slab and then you tell them the measurements and they will fabricate it for you.

      For example the marble on the sides of the stove was 80 dollars plus 200 to fabricate. It was a little tricky getting them home, but we managed.

  8. Everything is coming along nicely! I bet you just can't wait to get it all finished! Thank you for sharing at TTF.

    1. Thank you, Diann. We have been without a kitchen since May.


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