15 February 2013

Kitchen Update

Nothing big happened with the kitchen this week.  We are still awaiting our countertops, so the cabinets can be finished.

But  smaller tedious things were worked on, I  painted molding before we started to put it up.  The painting is easy if it is not hung up; coping is hard with crooked, old walls.

We painted the door.  We went with a shade of white SW Snowbound because we have a colorful front door.

One way "how to" seal a butcher block...
I treated the butcher block top with Boos Board Cream; it is a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax.  One applies it with their hand.  It gave the top a richer color and liquids bead on it now.  It has to be reapplied every so often for it to repel liquids.

Boos Board Cream is sold at Williams-Sonoma only in the store, not online.  They did something nice for me.  They made a mistake when they put the last bottle on hold.  It was the wrong product, but a similar product on hold for someone else; any way the message was conveyed all wronged between two employees of two different stores unbeknown to me who went to pick it up.  I was really nice about it, so they gave me the rest of the store's bottle.  I think that was really sweet.  So that meant I could contribute to my daughter's purchase of mushroom-shaped salt and pepper shakers that she had been saving for; she wanted them for her Alice in Wonderland stoneware.  It all worked out.

Our refrigerator delayed shipping initially due to the storm, until they realized it was out of stock with the manufacturer.  I hope it ships at the end of the month otherwise I might choose something else.


  1. Your kitchen is looking great. I love butcher block countertops. They look so pretty.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. They are inexpensive too!

  2. I really love how this is all coming together! I am taking copious notes for when I finally get around to doing my total disaster of a kitchen!!

    P.S. I just found your last couple of comments in my spam folder on my blog! What the what? I'm glad I found them. I had begun to think maybe you just didn't like me anymore! Haha! They shouldn't get stuck in there now, I hope! I'll keep an eye out.

    Love seeing your progress!


  3. It is looking really good! I like the wall colors and the counter tops.

  4. It's all coming together nicely. I like painting things before they are hung to it is so much easier to do a little touch up if necessary rather than pain the whole piece once its hung.

  5. Your kitchen is looking so pretty, love the butcher block counter and the color did come out nice with your new treatment. Great that they gave you the bottle, that was really nice. Thanks for the visit, I really appreciate your comment. Hugs, Marty

  6. It's looking great! I definitely like the shelves now you painted them. I can't wait to see the sink!


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