05 February 2013

Kitchen Progress Update

Here's a kitchen update.  We are probably almost halfway through!  This is the side of the kitchen that we are designing ourselves and installing ourselves.
To have someone do this side, just the cabinets and the countertops, was going to be 7000 that did NOT include appliances. Instead, with the addition of the island, I've spent about 670 dollars now on cabinets, countertops, and the shelves that my spouse built!

We are waiting for: 
a part for the hood, 
the refrigerator, 
the granite countertops with the sink installation, 
the upper cabinet installation, 
then we can install the moldings, 
finish the painting, 
and I need a window covering, but I have to buy custom or make it.  I wanted a plain white roman shade but I am 37.5 inches, just over 36 or 35 which is stock. 
I'm sure I'll remember something later.

This piece of pottery has been the inspiration for all my color choices and finishes.  It was handmade probably in Mexico or Peru.  I forgot.  The rim and some of the other colors are the color of copper and that's just one of the reasons I searched high and low for a copper sink, and found one at a great price.

There is enough room for an island in this small kitchen.  I have more than 36 inches up to 42 depending on the side, all the way around, believe it or not!

It's wooden from IKEA.  I have to figure out how I am going to seal it; I've heard it has upkeep.  (Have you visited The Little White House on the Seaside? so beautiful... ) Ikea offers a sealer, but someone told me I should get a wood sealer from a marine supply store if I want less work.  We shall see.  

I have a triangle of bare wood going on here.  I could leave the wall shelves natural or paint them, either will work, but blending in is elegant.  The knobs on the stove are a pretty metal they have a hint of beige in the undertones that dress up the stove.

The feet are stainless and it gives it a built in look.  Maybe someday I'll have someone cover the butcher block with stainless steel.
The floors are cement with an epoxy.

I selected this island for a few reasons. It repeats the bun feet of the stove.  It is also open with a deep shelf and a large work area, and it is made of real wood like the ones I put the marble countertops on.  One made out of cabinetry might of looked too contrived and builder grade given the size.


I move my accessories in and out and take photos to see where I am going and what has to be changed.  I have lots of accessories, so I really don't need to purchase that stuff.

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  1. Thanks for linking up, you kitchen is coming together so nicely, I love it:)

  2. Looks great! I can't believe how fast you're moving! But then, we're slow at my house! :-) The shelves and accessories look great, and I love how the island speaks to the stove. Love watching this happen "real time"! ~Angela~

    1. Thank you.

      I finally have my comment reply working again.

  3. Your kitchen is looking really good...luv that cute island! That's for sharing at my party.


  4. Oh, thank you so much for mentioning me; that was such a sweet surprise. I love what your doing with your kitchen.
    I used the Ikea sealer in my previous kitchen and it works great: it's easy to apply, penetrates the wood nicely and gives it a lovely shade. I have also used linen oil, which is what was traditionally used on boats. It's great, but it gives the wood yellowish accents.
    Don't use what modern sailors would use as it's not ok with food!!!
    Sorry for that very long comment, I hope it helped!

    1. I didn't even think of food preparation when someone told me that! Thanks for pointing that out.


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