18 February 2013

Kitchen Creative Process


Creative Affordable Kitchen Remodel

Today while helping my nephew with his papers, I was putting away some books into a Pottery Barn basket and pulling down the empty one to put away Christmas ornaments.

Well the ornaments didn't get put away.  These baskets were the perfect size and the perfect addition as drawers to the cabinets I made (which began as IKEA).

One thing about me is that I know what I like and I am consistent in my choices.  It's funny how I can easily take something I've been using somewhere else and put it to use in a different way.  The baskets pick up the sealed wood of the island too, so it is really nice.  The weird thing is that I intended to do this, but had not started to look for baskets!  I bought these several years ago!

Unfortunately, I don't have a better photo, because I took this with my phone.   My regular camera is slightly better, but still misplaced.

Finally, take a look at this.  I don't often share what my daughter does, but this is cool.  While I was painting, I had no idea what she was doing until it was almost done.


  1. Wow! Your daughter is quite the artist... Like mother, like daughter! Your kitchen is going to look amazing!

  2. This is just perfect!!! I really love how charming you made it all look. Thanks for linking!

    1. Thank you, Isabelle. I'm having a lot of fun with this project, because I have a small budget for a total kitchen remodel.


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