28 February 2013

How To Weave a Favorite Color Throughout

I can't find a before shot on this one.  Probably, it was one of the first things to go, because it was not worth saving.

Long before us, this use to be a swamp cooler closet.  Swamp coolers are not in use with central air conditioning, so a previous owner removed it and installed a cute built in armoire, but forgot to address the old water pipe.  Someone over the years fixed the leak, but the poor quality wood smelled musty.  We still have an old faucet handle.

So we ripped it out and put in this hanging system, and our electrician put in an outlet and we use it as  a place to hang keys, charge phones, store medicine, linens, and a junk drawer or two.

This weekend I worked on this project again, but
first before showing photos, I want to explain how I chose a color for the curtain. I have this color all over the house; it is sometimes subtle and sometimes, it is not.

Turquoise, aqua, and sea glass are my favorite colors.

It's in this rug and on the pillows.

The color is in my bathroom, which is right next door.

And in my kitchen, library, child's bedroom, and a similar shade in my rug and art in the master.

I took the photo without cleaning up.  The step stool and tools are out.

Tried to hide the stuff on the floor in this one.  Underneath the drawers is a space for a scale.

Now I can pull it closed when I am expecting guests or when unexpected guests arrive.
Before at the right angle, one could see an open storage area and the piano in my daughter's piano mirror's reflection.  Now one can see the curtain if it is pulled.

I'll explain how I did this another time, because this post is too long.  It involved some adaptations of products that are intended for another use.  A set of two velvet panels from IKEA were 49 dollars, and I think the Ikea rod was less than ten.  I reused part of a hanging closet system, so that was no cost.

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  1. The colour you chose is lovely and the way you manage to weave it in every room is perfect. You're really talented.


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